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Wal-Mart support

August 25, 2002


To the editor:

I would like to offer to your readers my two cents' on the Super Wal-Mart debacle. It seems that many people (in many towns I've lived in) practice selective attention when protesting Wal-Mart (and other "corporate" merchants). I am ignorant as to what makes Wal-Mart so different from other capitalist enterprises across America. Wal-Mart operates on a profit motive, just as nearly every other business in town does. If I can save a lot of money by freely choosing one merchant over another, I'm going to.

This is America, not a totalitarian dictatorship. What power should we have to blacklist an American business from coming to town? Let the market be our voting booth! If enough people in Lawrence don't shop there (or didn't shop at the existing store, or the one in Topeka), Wal-Mart will go out of business, not locally owned stores.

Locally owned small businesses usually offer different selection, expertise, and service than Wal-Mart. I don't think the strong ones face any danger. If businesses like Dillons fear Wal-Mart, perhaps they should consider why people like me prefer Super Wal-Mart: lower prices, cleaner stores, better service.

My small hometown is currently reaping the benefits of a huge tax benefit due to citizens staying in town to buy groceries, thanks to a new Super Wal-Mart. I feel that Lawrence would share these results. These taxes are now being used to rebuild the town square, something that HELPS small local business owners. That's something to consider.

Jeff White-Dressel,


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