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On the street

August 20, 2002


Michael Lopez, KU freshman, Kansas City, Kan.

"It was pretty good. The only bad thing was that a woman was mopping the floor while we moved in, so the floor was slippery. I expected the wait and got done in four hours."

Jack McNiff, insurance adjuster, St. Louis

"It was kind of hectic. We live in St. Louis, so we had to bring all (my daughter's) stuff in at once. It took awhile, but we got her in."

Sean Fresen, KU freshman, Chicago

"It went well, but I don't own anything. All I had was two bags and a crate, so it wasn't that difficult."

Kim Sheahan, KU freshman, Overland Park

"It was all right. I only have to go up one flight of stairs, and I got a really good parking place, so I was lucky."

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