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New tech gadgets make going back to school easier

August 20, 2002


Technology is making it possible for students to tuck just about everything they need for school, except textbooks, into the side pocket of a pair of cargo pants. Here are a few of the latest gadgets that can help students work and play.

More in store

Sony's pocket-size file-storage device can plug into any Windows or Mac computer equipped with a USB port, so students can easily take their homework and notes wherever they go. The Micro Vaults come in four sizes, with memory capacities ranging from 16 megs to 128 megs ($49.99 to $149.99).

CD plus

Some new CD players also can play MP3 disks, which can store hours' worth of music on a single disk. The iRiver SlimX iMP-350 ($149) features a radio and a rechargeable battery.

iPod does Windows

The iPod MP3 player has been a hit among Mac users, and Apple recently announced a Windows version. Three versions range from large to very large in storage: 5-gigabyte ($299); 10-gigabyte, holding 2,600 songs ($399); and 20-gigabyte, which can hold more than 5,000 songs ($499).

Information at hand

Some colleges are experimenting with working personal digital assistants into the classroom or making student directories available on the handheld devices.

Palm's m125 price tag ($169) is aimed at students and comes with 8 megs of memory, enough for even the heaviest course load, and an expansion slot that can be used to plug in larger applications, such as a dictionary.

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