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Sites help you become handyman around house

August 19, 2002


Become handy around the house with these sites, a few of which also can lead to someone who can do the work for you. And don't forget the duct tape.

The comprehensive site tells how to do almost anything around the old castle (including how to hire a contractor). The section on how to sell your home includes dozens of articles, including, "How Can I Avoid a Lawsuit?"

This site is really a catalog of Web links to help with such household tasks as appliance repair, plumbing and gardening, as well as major projects. But, who's Bob?

When all else fails, fix it with duct tape. The versatility of the sticky gray tape is nowhere more stark than on this site, where things made of duct tape including backpacks, wallets and vests are purportedly for sale. Of course you also could make your own.

Also check out this gallery of duct tape fashions, including the "better bra":

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