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Litter laws

August 8, 2002


OK, there is a sign ordinance. Well, there is also a litter ordinance. If the Neighborhood Resources Department has the staff to pluck up the candidates signs, then there is no reason that the same staff cannot pluck up the beer bottles, trash, beer cans and pizza boxes after the Saturday night "not so live" parties around town.

So, plucking that debris is too difficult? How about the enforcement officer just going to the door and issue a citation? It's on the books!

Mayor Hack , Mr. Torres and commissioners, re-read the ordinance dealing with litter, titled "Lawrence Anti-Litter Ordinance" Code 1979. 14-101. Note, 14-103, Litter in public places. Yes, the front yards are public places because of the right of way and setback. See 14-118, Litter on Occupied Private Property. "No person shall throw or deposit litter on any occupied private property  or deposited by the elements upon any street, sidewalk  or upon any private property. (Code 1979. 14-118)

David Holroyd,


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