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City inspectors pull up illegal political signs

August 6, 2002


Lawrence city inspectors were out Monday plucking campaign signs posted in violation of the city's sign ordinance  including some from a Republican congressional candidate.

"I noticed quite a few of them on the way in this morning," said Barry Walthall, codes enforcement manager for the city's Neighborhood Resources Department.

"We try to get them down as fast as they put them up, but sometimes that's hard."

Walthall said city crews were pulling the signs and putting them in storage. "If the owner of a sign wants it back, they can pay a $25 fee to collect it," he said.

Walthall's department has nine inspectors, including building and zoning inspectors, who patrol the city. All are empowered to remove improper signs.

Walthall said more than one campaign was in violation Monday, and a Republican congressional campaign was among the violators.

Lisa Patterson, the city's communications coordinator, said area campaigns were notified recently of the city's sign ordinance.

Here are the guidelines:

 No signs are allowed in city right-of-way or on city property. On private property, campaign workers should place signs behind sidewalks and utility poles. Otherwise, a sign should be placed within 25 feet of a structure.

 Property owners must give advance permission for sign posting. Tenants must have legal rights stated in their leases in order to place political signs on rental property.

 Signs are to be no larger than 16 square feet.

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