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Insurance choice

August 3, 2002


Her experience and dedication make State Sen. Sandy Praeger a strong choice for Kansas insurance commissioner.

Newspaper editorial writers don't always have the luxury of long-term, first-hand knowledge of candidates they endorse for statewide office.

This year, however, the Journal-World has many years of experience on which to base its support of State Sen. Sandy Praeger for the Republican nomination for Kansas insurance commissioner.

As a result of the high-profile debate and pending decision over the possible acquisition of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas, many Kansans now have a far better idea what the job of state insurance commissioner involves. It is the commissioner's charge to make sure insurance companies operating in Kansas are dealing fairly with their clients and providing the range of coverage that Kansans need.

The person in this job needs to be fair-minded, intelligent and ethical, and Praeger meets those criteria. As a Lawrence city commissioner, as well as in the Kansas House and Senate, Praeger has been a dedicated representative of her constituents and has taken the lead on many issues related to health care.

Although her opponents have criticized Praeger for accepting campaign contributions from insurance companies, she consistently has shown her independence on insurance issues during her legislative career. Moreover, it is the job of the insurance commissioner to work with insurance companies to provide proper services for Kansas consumers, not take a strictly adversarial role designed to chase good companies away and limit consumer choices.

Praeger has dedicated many hours to serving her constituents and taking a leadership role on insurance issues in the Legislature. Her experience and dedication to serving Kansans make her a sound choice for the insurance commissioner's office.

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