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Old home town - 25, 40 and 100 years ago today

April 29, 2002


IN 1977

Lawrence city commissioners were scheduled to discuss working conditions with various city employees at seven meetings in May, Mayor Marnie Argersinger announced.

The vote was close, but Douglas County officials inched past the first of two hurdles in seeking approval of a proposed 180-foot communications tower in downtown Lawrence. The city-county planning commission voted 6-4 to recommend approval of a permit for the tower after splitting 5-5 on whether the controversial structure violated the city's comprehensive land-use plan.

IN 1962

The Kansas University Athletic Board announced it would decide at a May meeting whether to go ahead on a proposed 7,200-seat expansion of Memorial Stadium and relocation of a track facility outside the stadium, elsewhere on the campus. C.A. VanderWerf was chairman of the board and was a spearhead in the stadium expansion effort.

The Peace Corps requested that the proposed KU Corps project in Costa Rica be expanded to place five volunteers from Kansas.

Jerry Dickson, Newton junior, was elected Kansas University student body president for the coming academic year (1977-78).

IN 1902

On April 29, 1902, the Lawrence Journal told of a reform effort lead by Rev. Charles Sheldon of Topeka to "induce all Christians to get together politically and vote together on municipal affairs." The Journal criticized the effort stating, "if Topeka permits Mr. Sheldon or any other man to say 'A man must be thus and so, or he is not a Christian, and will not receive the votes of our Christians,' that man will not only do a great injustice to the cause of Christianity, but to the cause of true reform in politics as well. ...Topeka was a fairly clean, decent place before these reformers undertook to manage municipal affairs; look at the town now! It reminds me of the old epitaph, 'I was well; wished to be better; took physic, and died.'"

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