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What are you reading?

April 28, 2002


Latoria Turner, South Junior High School student, Lawrence
"'Romeo and Juliet.' I liked how it was different from what we usually read."

Jessica Foster, SJHS student, Lawrence
"'The Giver.' It was different because it was about the picture-perfect world. It was like they were in a bubble."

Patrick Kelly, West Junior High School teacher, Lawrence
"'Sick Puppy' by Carl Hiassen. I think he has a sick sense of humor."

Aaron Passman, Kansas University junior, Towanda
"I'm reading 'Beneath the Wheel' by Hermann Hesse. It's about a kid. When he goes off to college, everyone expects so much out of him that he's crushed by the pressure."

Matt Austin, West Junior High School student, Lawrence
"'Lord of the Rings' because I like fantasy. I'm on the third one right now."

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