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State park fees to be waived next weekend

April 28, 2002


Kansas Free Park Entrance Days are coming next Saturday and Sunday.

On those two days, boaters, fishermen and day campers will have free access to Kansas state parks. Overnight camping fees are not included.

Next weekend will be an ideal time for park users to check out the parks they have always wondered about or to enjoy their favorite spot. The weekend is particularly appealing to fishermen.

Next Saturday is also the date of the second annual OKKids Day.

Organized by the Kansas Wildscape Foundation, a nonprofit foundation focused on providing outdoor recreational opportunities in Kansas, OKKids Day is a program designed to encourage the youth of Kansas to spend more time outdoors.

Wildscape and its program partners plan to have more than 10,000 Kansas kids hiking, canoeing, fishing, biking, hunting and bird watching on OKKids Day.

For more information on OKKids Day, call 866 655-4377 toll-free.

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