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Fashion briefs

April 28, 2002


Swatch cashes in on James Bond movies

Gadget gurus aside, the James Bond series of watches from Swatch is likely to please most fans of the stylish secret agent.

The new watches depict characteristics from each Bond film beginning with 1962's "Dr. No" through 1997's "Tomorrow Never Dies." All have the 007 logo on the strap loop or bracelet.

Some highlights:

The Dr. No Swatch is a Square Chrono with a dial face set with the signature "Bond target" in silver against black.

The Thunderball watch features a light blue, sea green and white wave motif set along a cotton fabric strap with a clear buckle, case and light blue dial. Twelve compass points surround the dial.

A crystal-studded bezel and a pink plastic T-link bracelet with aluminum casing provides the sparkle for the Diamonds Are Forever watch.

For A View To A Kill, Swatch combined its ultrathin Skin and high-tech .beat models into a watch with oversized holes, a black plastic case and a bezel decorated with graphics in gold to match the gold-tone digits for standard Internet time.

Tomorrow Never Dies is inspired by the exotic Asian locales featured in the movie of the same name. A deep red textured leather strap matches the red dial.

Men can be hairless with new Andre line

Finally the fellas can find out what all the fuss is about. Andre For Men has come out with a line of body hair removers for guys that should show them firsthand why women writhe and wince when waxing.

All the good stuff is there: one of those sticky sugaring systems and a box of wax strips (both rip hair out by the roots) and the ever-popular depilatory, which women could better refer to as "burn torture."

Products are available at Rite Aid for $5 to $10.

Jane Seymour enters the fashion foray

Actress Jane Seymour has joined Kathie Lee Gifford and Jaclyn Smith and launched her own clothing line, but she's managed to do something those others haven't: Keep it out of (the now ailing) Kmart and keep it comparatively classy (no sweats in sight).

Available through catalog retailer Crossing Pointe (, much of the 45-piece Jane Seymour Signature Collection, which sells for $23 to $100, is as romantic and flowy as you'd expect from someone with such romantic and flowy hair and a penchant for period pieces.

There are lavender silk chiffon dresses, tailored pink floral pants and pastel-painted scarves. But the line also gets down to business with pin-stripe fitted suits and versatile silk coats. Misses sizes run from 6 to 22 and petites are available in 4 through 16.

For a catalog, call (877) 392-7099.

Steam facial soothes skin, calms nerves

Clear your head with an Andrea Face Spa steam facial. Basically potpourri for your mug, the aromatherapy face spas (available in three blends: Dirt Digger, Breathe Free and Stress Relief) are supposed to be soothing to your skin, your lungs and your nerves depending upon which herbs are in them.

Just pour a couple of capfuls into 3 cups of boiling water and breathe in the fumes for five minutes.

Buy them at CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreen's for about $6.

Get ready for summer with the right sandals

It's not easy putting your best foot forward during sandal season.

More than half the women in America admit to willingly sacrificing their feet for fashion, according to the American Podiatric Medical Assn.

Dr. Robin Ross and Dr. Kathleen Stone, podiatrists and association members, recommend the following compromises to maintain foot health and style:

Choose thong flip-flops made of natural material, such as leather, and ensure the foot doesn't hang off the edge.

Flip-flops are known to cause irritation between toes where the strap fits and callus and dead skin buildup around the heels because of friction.

Moisturize feet at bedtime instead of the morning if you're likely to be wearing mules or slides. This allows the cream more time to absorb into the skin. Then use a pumice stone in the shower to gently slough away dead skin.

The back edge of these shoes rub excessively against the heel, causing skin to thicken, which leads to calluses.

Pay particular care to fit when buying slingbacks, which can cause blisters, toe pain, and twisting of the heel and ankle. The tight strap chafes the back of the heel, and the foot slides forward in the shoe, cramping the front of the foot.

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