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April 17, 2002


New Kansas University football coach Mark Mangino has a total compensation package worth about $325,000 more than predecessor Terry Allen.

According to information obtained by the Journal-World, the biggest difference between the compensation packages of Mangino and Allen is in radio, television and endorsement income.

Allen's contract called for at least $150,000 in radio, TV and endorsement money while Mangino is guaranteed a minimum of $475,000 from the same sources.

Otherwise, Mangino's base salary of $128,438 is the same as KU basketball coaches Roy Williams and Marian Washington. Williams' radio-TV revenue last year was $280,000, but that figure is expected to be adjusted upward in the wake of the Jayhawks' Final Four season. Washington earns $35,000 from radio and television.

Mangino, Williams and Washington also receive:

l two automobiles,

l membership in a country club,

l payment of reasonable in-state and out-of-state travel and entertainment expenses,

l permission to operate camps,

l payment of the annual premium on a $2 million term life insurance policy,

l regular health insurance, retirement and other fringe benefits.

All in all, Mangino's total compensation package in the first year of his five-year contract probably is in the $750,000 range. Mangino, 45, earned about $150,000 last year as assistant head coach and offensive coordinator at Oklahoma University.

Two years ago, the salary pool for Kansas assistant football coaches ranked last in the Big 12 Conference. KU officials upgraded those salaries slightly last year, but Mangino's aides will make a combined $386,500 more than Allen's cadre did in 2001.

"I really feel we've moved into the top half of the league," KU athletic director Al Bohl said about the enhanced football salary structure. "We knew we needed to do it based on the past history of Kansas football. We're trying to move in a positive direction."

Tom Hayes, who was Allen's assistant head coach and defensive coordinator last season, earned $120,000 while offensive coordinator Rip Scherer was paid $100,000.

Both of Mangino's coordinators  Bill Young (defense) and Nick Quartaro (offense)  will be paid an annual salary of $141,500 apiece. Three other Mangino aides  Pat Henderson (secondary), Ken Conaster (offensive line) and Tyrone Dixon (wide receivers)  will earn between $102,500 and $107,500.

Running backs coach Clint Bowen, a holdover from Allen's staff, and tight ends coach Brandon Blaney are the lowest-paid Mangino staffers at $79,500 each. Bowen received an $18,500 raise. The other holdover from Allen's staff, defensive ends coach Travis Jones, was given a $15,500 raise to $88,500 Â the same salary as linebackers coach Dave Doeren.

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