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Beginning of life

April 11, 2002


Why do females go through an abortion to end the existence of a potential human being if the "thing" doesn't have life? If there's really no life or anything, why go through the motions, as it seems to me it must be very difficult to destroy "nothing!" Now, if our mothers had believed in "choice" and would have had an abortion, now we would not be here today to discuss the finer merits, pro or con, of the subject, would we? No, we just simply would not be.

Ask yourself if you'd really rather that your honorable mother had aborted you. Much of the answer to all this is pretty simple, really. Reasonable people with just a smidgen of common sense! I'd like to know why some people think they're better than a defenseless living fetus. I don't.

D.F. Bradley,


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