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Rarity confirmed for quadruplets born in Kansas

April 10, 2002


— Genetic testing confirmed Tuesday that quadruplets born to a Kansas mother were indeed two sets of spontaneous identical twins an event so rare that her doctor says the odds of it happening are 1-in-25 million.

Christina Tetrick, 28, on Tuesday left Wesley Medical Center. Her sons are doing well and should go home in mid-May.

Their father, Pat Tetrick, 34, may not be able to greet them. As a member of the Army Reserve, he's awaiting deployment to fight terrorism.

As Christina Tetrick prepared to leave the hospital, she said her husband could have probably won a hardship release from his military obligations, but they decided together that he should serve.

"I just think of the women that have lost their husbands forever, and the families that have lost their dads forever," she said, "and sending mine away to help bring those people to justice is a very small price."

His unit, the Hutchinson-based 346th Military Police Company, was also activated in 1990 for the Gulf War, and again in 1997 for Operation Joint Guard in the Balkans.

On Tuesday, DNA testing of the quadruplets confirmed that Peyton Michael and Parker Adrian are identical twins, as are Camden Louis and Christian Steven.

In the last three generations on her side of the family, relatives have counted six sets of twins, five of them identical.

The Tetricks were not using fertility drugs.

Dr. Margaret H. O'Hara told reporters after the birth that the chances of two pairs of identical twins by a single pregnancy is 1-in-25 million.

The quadruplets' birth late Friday was overshadowed in part by the birth the following day of sextuplets at another Wichita hospital.

But the advertising agency the Tetricks hired to assist them in finding corporate sponsors to help meet the family's new financial burden said there was interest in the quadruplets even before the sextuplets.

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