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Teen on the street

April 9, 2002


Asked at Lawrence High School

Has Britney Spears affected young girls' body image?

Rachel Schwien, 17 years old, junior

"I think she's had an effect on some people. I think she's weakened the stereotype of women."

Jeannie Jones, 17 years old, senior

"I think young girls definitely. There aren't very many role models for young kids, and she's someone to look up to. But I don't necessarily think she's the right person to look up to."

Ashley Snyder, 15 years old, sophomore

"I think she has because they all look up to her."

Emily Hierl, 16 years old, sophomore

"They've blown her out of proportion. She has an effect on what we think we need to look like, but if we worked out as much as she did, we'd probably all look like her."

Alison Fowler, 16 years old, junior

"She's really materialistic, and I think people see that. She puts out a bad image."

Taylor Buchanan, 16 years old, junior

"She probably has. There are younger and younger girls that keep trying to be like her. It's getting kind of disgusting."

Jared Young, 17 years old, junior

"Probably, because young girls want to be her."

J.R. Battiest, 16 years old, sophomore

"Yeah, most girls envy her because they can't look like her."

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