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April 1, 2002


— ABC's "Once and Again" has one of the most devoted audiences on television. Unfortunately for them, however, their numbers aren't large enough to keep the show alive.

The network announced last week that "Once and Again" would end its three-year run with a series finale April 15.

"We're sad about it, and we wished it had performed better," co-creator Marshall Herskovitz said. "But I certainly don't ascribe any malice to ABC."

Though the show  which stars Sela Ward and Billy Campbell as a couple dealing with the everyday obstacles of their blended family  has been widely praised by critics and earned both Emmy and Golden Globe nominations (Ward has won one of each), it never found a permanent home on ABC's schedule. The network shuffled it around to seven different timeslots in its three seasons.

As a result of the frequent moves, "Once and Again" had trouble finding an audience beyond its loyal core fans. The show averages only about 6.5 million viewers a week. It's the lowest-rated drama on ABC.

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