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Advantage Medical Group

Rating: 5

zigzag66 Advantage Medical Group

I wouldn't b walking around 2day f it were not 4 Dr. Brady. He told me I would have trouble with my back 4 the rest of my life. I have occasionally had a problem when i've overdone it; but i can still do any thing as long as I am not stupid. Tim and company are great.

Rating: 1

LyndeBlanco Advantage Medical Group

He almost yanked my neck off. To rough

Rating: 1

DonnyDarko Advantage Medical Group

All the equipment is old and cheap. They have handwritten signs every where. It screams home grown Chiropractors office. Nothing professional about this place. Plus they charge close to double of most of the other chiropractors. The Dr. Is very rough and doesn't care that he is rough either.

Rating: 5

Joshua Talley Advantage Medical Group

These guys are great! Friendly staff, very flexible schedules, and effective treatment.