Real estate transfers for Sept. 4-10, 2018

Following are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office from Sept. 4 to Sept. 10.

Tuesday, Sept. 4

DJB Properties, LLC to John Huntington, Jr. and Alejandra M. I. Carrasco, 5810 Grayhawk Ct., Lawrence.

Barry G. Ward and Paula E. Ward to Jeffrey P. Long and Fanny G. Long, 1577 Alvamar Dr., Lawrence.

Richard L. Diers and Lori D. Diers to Michael R. Chase and Kelly A. Chase, 2320 E. 27th Ter., Lawrence.

Yankee Tank Estates LLC to Gladys Boeth, 3204 Atchison Ave., Lawrence.

Jaclyn M. Berra and Maria Cuevas to Stephens Family Trust, 3804 Pinnacle Cir., Lawrence.

Clair L. Kuszmaul to Nathan S. Wedermyer and Summer D. Wedermyer, 615 E. 593 Rd & and Vacant Land, Lawrence.

Steven R. Cummings and June A. Cummings to Beau Jepson, 2519/2521 and Winterbrook Dr., Lawrence.

Estate of Philip R. Ernst to Lawrence Preservation Alliance, Inc., 904 Rhode Island St., Lawrence.

Wednesday, Sept. 5

Marcel J. Harmon and Michelle A. Iwig-Harmon to Stacy Bonham and Jessica McAlister, 753 Lauren St., Lawrence.

Robert W. Bond and Elizabeth A. Bond to Karen S. Beckerman and Mark W. Beckerman, 3111 Winston Dr., Lawrence.

Studio 804, Inc. to Chad R. Turner and Elissa L. Turner, 1220 E. 12th St., Lawrence.

Ecogene LLC to Joseph B. Pickett and Shannon M. Pickett, 1614 16th Ct., Eudora.

Schirin Kourehpazhassanalizedeh and Mahdi Sahafnia to Timothy F. Stultz, 1748 Lake Alvamar Dr., Lawrence.

Roger T. Kugler and Kathryn E. Kugler to Cody Nehrbass and Yvette Nehrbass, 2804 Winterbrook Dr., Lawrence.

Hoover Real Estate, L.C. and to Jerry Cromwell Construction Inc., 0 Maple St., Eudora.

Hoover Real Estate, L.C. to Jerry Cromwell Construction Inc., 1610 Maple St., Eudora.

WE1929, LLC to Veeder Homes, LLC, 1124 Juniper Ln. and 1137 Juniper Ln., Lawrence.

Hoover Real Estate, L.C. to Jerry Cromwell Construction Inc., 211 W. 16th Ter., Eudora.

Thursday, Sept. 6

Ryan T. Luckie and Amber D. Luckie to Brendon Crain and Sierra Crain, 4141 Seele Way, Lawrence.

Joyce E. Mullenix to Gale W. Bogard and Jill R. Bogard, 720 Folks Rd., Lawrence.

Gary D. Nuzum and Amy Lemert-Nuzum to Stephanie Wachs, 1404 Quinn Ct., Lawrence.

Micah D. Barclay and Adrienne J. Barclay to Chad E. Scherbarth and Elsa L. Evans, 1105 W. 29th St., Lawrence.

Debra L. Acker and Frederick J. Schell to Debra L. Glass and Joel T. Muchmore, 2029 Rhode Island St., Lawrence.

Friday, Sept. 7

Alva West, LLC to Studio 804, LLC, 1501 Oak Hill Ave., Lawrence.

Duane K. Otto and Anna Otto to Brian J. Highberger and Elizabeth R. Highberger, 5 Sharps Ct., Eudora.

Ian M. Bostwick and Heather D. Bostwick to Debra J. DeBiasse, 1323 Westbrooke St., Lawrence.

Sierra Crain and Brendon Crain to Jonathan T. Winkelman and Hannah M. Winkelman, 423 Lincoln St., Lawrence.

Daniel Boeth and Gladys Boeth to Marcie Barajas and Ignacio A. Barajas-Munoz, 4412 Wimbledon Dr., Lawrence.

Jeanette L. De Vilbiss to Blair R. Cooke and Laken D. Miller, 1300 E. 27th St., Lawrence.

Christopher Keeton and Veronica Keeton to Jesse Carr and Dana Christie, 2509 Ryan Ct., Lawrence.

Downtown Property, LLC to Aaron Fullen and Alison Fullen, 1205 W. 20th St., Lawrence.

Stephan N. Gardner and Jordan L. Jewett to Phillip L. Swihart and Crystal M. Swihart, 1221 Miami St., Baldwin City.

OT, L.C. to Scott O. Nugent and Joan M. Nugent, 3102 W. 31st Ter., Lawrence.

Clinton C. Marker and Paula J. Marker to Jeffrey B. Gryder and Chrystfferssen K. Maakorey, 1423 Brighton Cir., Lawrence.

Monday, Sept. 10

Beau D. Jepson to David R. Roubison and Katie E. Roubison, 2519/2521 and Winterbrook Dr., Lawrence.

Trey T. Meyer and Jody M. Meyer to Wenjun Yang, 3316 W. 24th Ter., Lawrence.

Katie E. Wilcox and Rico J. Wilcox to Sarah D. Gard and Alexander L. Gard, 808 W. 28th St., Lawrence.

Paul G. Francisco and Greg Francisco to Veronica Mize and Travis Mize, 2106 E. 26th Ter., Lawrence.

Taylor Porter and Kathrina L. Porter and Chloe Porter to Jeremy Rodery and Sola L. Kim, 2137 Quail Creek Dr., Lawrence.