Real estate transfers for Oct. 2-8, 2018

Following are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office from Oct. 2 through Oct. 8, 2018:

Tuesday, Oct. 2

Joshua D. Thompson and Douglas S. Ireland, II to Eric C. Gentry and Loree L. Gentry, 1836 Villo Woods Ct., Lawrence.

WE1929, LLC to Myers Construction, Inc., 1213 Juniper Ln., Lawrence.

Mabet #2, LC to 1217Y, LLC, 1601 Research Park Dr., Lawrence.

South KC Properties, LLC to Mark Sedlak and Karie Sedlak, 1730 W. 27th Ter., Lawrence.

Mary F. Locniskar, Trustee to Papa Nana, LLC, 4500 Bob Billings Pkwy and Unit #117, Lawrence.

Wednesday, Oct. 3

Cherryl Shutt and Marion A. Shutt and Earl F. Shutt to Jonathan T. Chesnut, 805 Pine St., Eudora.

Susan B. Kristiansen to David A. Schwabauer and Catherine J. Schwabauer, 1124 Waverly Dr., Lawrence.

Hoover Real Estate, LC to MG Construction, LLC, 115 W. 16th Ter., Eudora.

D&S Rentals, LLC to Drew M. Steffen, 1703 Golden Rain Dr., Lawrence.

John D. Brown and Heather Brown to Bryan W. Petersen, 710 Maple St., Eudora.

Angela May to Joshua D. Thompson and Douglas S. Ireland, II, 4540 Lili Dr., Lawrence.

R&H Builders, Inc. to Littleton Family Trust, 403 Freemont Dr., Lawrence.

Stanclifts 2 & 3, LLC to Matthew L. Otto, 227 N. 6th St., Lawrence.

Thursday, Oct. 4

Kristi A. Plumb, Trustee and George T. Plumb, Trustee to Brent E. Flanders and Lisa A. Flanders Revocable Family Trust, 520 Canyon Dr., Lawrence.

ACE Securities Corp. Home Equity Loan Trust to Haque Consulting, LLC, 3904 Monterey Ct., Lawrence.

Scott E. Broers and Stacey M. Broers and Deana M. Broers to Chris Windler, 1413 E. 28th Ter., Lawrence.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, DC to Dawson W. Dykes and Richard S. Dykes and Dianna L. Dykes, 825 Murrow Ct., Lawrence.

Landstar Development, LLC to Teresa A. Markowitz, 324 N. White Dr., Lawrence.

Community in Lawrence, LLC to Sara D. Smith and Dustin J. Smith, 1346 New Hampshire St., Lawrence.

Friday, Oct. 5

Gary W. Emery and Molly S. Emery to Katherine E. Weik and Thomas R. Weik, Vacant Land, Rural.

Michelle Rifford and George A. Rifford to Einhellig Trust, 1459 N. 300 Rd., Rural.

Nomad Properties, LLC to Spencer Dickerson and Elena Dickerson, 821 Maine St., Lawrence.

Jeffrey A. Brockman and Maria F. Brockman to Michael M. Stanclift, Sr. and Jean P. Stanclift, 4212 Helianthus Dr., Lawrence.

Jessica Young and Ervin Young to Brent J. Barton and Kimberley R. Barton, 6331 Serenade Dr., Lawrence.

Colette A. Carson, Trustee to Jonathan W. Thomas and Vanessa K. Thomas, 1104 Williamsburg Pl., Lawrence.

Vanessa K. Thomas and Jonathan Thomas and Gail Nakano to Brian J. Clements, 1104 Williamsburg Pl., Lawrence.

Estate Of Dallas B. Livengood to David E. Boyd, Vacant Land, Lawrence.

Chulwoo Shin to Brendy Latare, 1413 W. 22nd St., Lawrence.

DFC Company of Lawrence, L.C. to Mike Wedman Homes, LLC, 1770 E. 1100 Rd. & and Vacant Land, Rural.

Wakarusa Center, LLC to Stephen M. Ruttinger, Trustee and Eunice M. Ruttinger, Trustee, 4910 Wakarusa Ct., Lawrence.

High Potential Investments, LLC to John R. Figgs-Hoard and Hannah J. Figgs-Hoard, 2455/2457 Alabama St., Lawrence.

Mike Wedman Homes, LLC to Williams Management, LLC, 1770 E. 100 Rd. & and Vacant Land, Rural.

Monday, Oct. 8

Donald L. Miller and Diane L. Miller to Candan Tamerler and Malcolm L. Snead, 3128 Lance Ct., Lawrence.

Robert A. Fuller and Brendy J. Latare to Georgina F. White and Paul M. Touyz, 1746 Mississippi St., Lawrence.

Invictus Builders LLC to Staushua W. Dougherty and Billie C. Dougherty, 353 Montrose Dr., Eudora.

Ryan B. Wedel and Caitlin M. Wedel to Courtney Chahine and Hani Chahine, 4105 Wimbledon Dr., Lawrence.