Real estate transfers for Sept. 25-Oct. 1, 2018

Following are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office from Sept. 25 through Oct. 1:

Tuesday, Sept. 25

Morgan E. Ferrer and Amy Ferrer to Clark A. Wilson and Kelli L. Crabtree-Wilson, 3408 Green Meadows Ct., Lawrence.

Andrew Schwaebler and Shannon Schwaebler to Maria Englebrecht, 328 Beaumont St., Eudora.

David L. Weeks and Francisca M. Weeks to Mark R. Beckmann and Cheryl L. Beckmann and Jessica M. Beckmann, 212 Arizona St., Lawrence.

Glazer Properties, LLC to Jenna R. West-Sova and Dominic R. Sova, 1219 Laura Ave., Lawrence.

Drippe Construction, Inc. to Nancy A. Frost, 326 N. Parker Cir., Lawrence.

Lucas D. Taylor to Andrea M. Hamilton, 333 Chapel St., Baldwin City.

Wednesday, Sept. 26

Kettler Construction, Inc. and to Kit C. Grove and Carrie M. Mulligan, 817/819 Renaissance Dr., Lawrence.

Jordan A. Scott and Julia A. Scott to Hayley E. Bonham, 2717 Harper St., Lawrence.

Flory Farms, LLC to Chad M. Rice and Amanda N. Rice, Vacant Land, Rural.

Larry D. Adkins and Tammy M. Adkins to Ulrich Bros. Farms, LLC, Vacant Land, Rural.

Property Acquisitions Management, LLC to Theresa N. Klales, 2519 Morningside Dr., Lawrence.

Donald Hendrickson and Staci Hendrickson to Loren Stone and Andrea Stone, Vacant Land, Rural.

Kevin L. Newkirk and Nealy A. Newkirk to William M. Schulteis and Brenda S. Schulteis, 5002 Chesbro Ct., Lawrence.

O.D. Brubaker and to Lisa Goans, 817 Crestline Dr., Lawrence.

Thursday, Sept. 27

JMG Properties, LLC to KJT, LLC, 730 New Jersey St., Lawrence.

Tuan Le and Amy R. Le to Donald Abdallah, 2718 Bluestem Dr., Lawrence.

Stephen Hodges and Angelika Morgan to Brenda L. Willmore and Mark A. Willmore, 1605 Maple Leaf Ct., Baldwin City.

Mark A Willmore and Brenda L. Willmore to Stephen Ayres, LLC, 417 Blaze Blvd., Baldwin City.

Steven C. Montgomery and Jane A. Montgomery and Chris A. Montgomery and Margaret R. Montgomery and Terri L. Schenkel and Steven W. Schenkel to Norman and Marjorie Brammell Living Trust, 2752 Chipperfield Rd., Lawrence.

Chad C. Landis and Anna R. Landis to Sheila R. Puglisi, 1547 Legend Trail Dr. A, Lawrence.

Friday, Sept. 28

Sherry L. Golden and Robert L. Golden to John W. Clement and Judith K. Clement, 220 Signal Ridge Dr., Baldwin City.

Alice A. Richardson Revocable Living Trust to Ethan Vickers, 730 Elm St., Eudora.

Patricia A. Rockhold to Lacey J. Maddick, 854 E. 1600 Rd., Rural.

Patricia A. Rockhold to Allen L. Rockhold and Teresa L. Rockhold, Vacant Land, Rural.

Estate of Philip R. Ernst to Mohammed Iskandrani, 1021, 1021 1/2 & 1023 and Massachusetts St., Lawrence.

Kent T. Snyder to Downtown Property, LLC, 3419 Harvard Rd., Lawrence.

Terry R. Miller Trust to Larry Puckett and Karen Puckett, 2412 E. 27th Ter., Lawrence.

Christopher H. Ramey and Evangelia Chrysikou to Luke H. Deters and Kristen E. Hayes, 928 Diamondhead Dr., Lawrence.

MLC Properties, LLC to 400 Properties, LLC, 111 6th St., Baldwin City.

Amy J. Larson and Terry A. Larson to James W. McBride, Jr. and Linda McBride, 2745 Shadow Ridge Pl., Eudora.

Patti A. Stultz-Winn and Thomas K. Winn to David A. Thompson and Michelle L. Thompson, 3201/3203 W, 22nd St., Lawrence.

Michael D. Stultz and Roberta J. Stultz to Jeffrey W. Laubach, Vacant Land, Rural.

Janice Rake to Jerry R. Tomlinson and Virginia Tomlinson, 4301 Wimbledon Ter., Lawrence.

Chester W. Fitch, Trustee and Deanna M. Fitch, Trustee to Equity Trust Company, 1800 Brook St., Lawrence.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to 2H Farms LLC, 1713 Miller Dr., Lawrence.

Thomas Brady and Doreen Brady and Scott Brady and Krista K. Brady to Brittany Benalcazar, 925 N. Gunnison Way, Lawrence.

Robert D. Walden, Trustee and Barbara J. Walden, Trustee to Margaret E. Likins, 1617 Kasold Dr., Lawrence.

Monday, Oct. 1

Barbara F. McCrary to James Duhigg, 2913 Colt Dr., Lawrence.

Wayne Drake and Lisa Drake to Susan D. M. Park, 2409 Haversham Dr., Lawrence.

Richard A. Risley and Jason C. Risley and Renee Risley and Scott A. Risley and Kathryn Risley to Ann E. Clayton, 1839 N. 100 Rd., Rural.

Dorothy E. Taylor Living Trust to Anthony Fanello, 1803 E. 1200 Rd., Rural.

Laura N. O’Neil to Krueger Rentals, LLC, 4716 W. 24th St., Lawrence.

Chad Sansome and Beth Sansome to Nona K. Johnston, 616 Flame Way, Baldwin City.

Carwash, LLC to Kentucky Street, LLC, 3600 W. 24th St. and 3700 W. 24th St. and 3704 W. 24th St., Lawrence.

Carwash, LLC to Travis C. Leach and Tara G. Leach, 3604 W. 24th St. and 3616 W. 24th St. and 3620 W. 24th St., Lawrence.

WE1929, LLC to Drippe Construction, Inc., 5205, 5208, 5209, 5212, 5225 Spruce Street and 1121, 1205 Biltmore Dr. and 1205 Research Park Dr., Lawrence.