Real estate transfers for Nov. 13-19, 2018

Following are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office from Nov. 13 through Nov. 19:

Tuesday, Nov. 13

Alexis Brunk and Devin Brunk to Kelly L. Whitehouse and Cathy L. Whitehouse, 1211 Walnut St., Eudora.

Cider Gallery LLC to Bates Co. Investments, LLC, 810 Pennsylvania St., Lawrence.

Ohio Mortgage Investors, LLC to Bates Co. Investments, LLC, 605 E. 8th St. & and 804 Pennsylvania St., Lawrence.

Cedar Tree LLC to Eudora Assisted Living, LLC and Lucole Land Company, LC, Vacant Land, Eudora.

Kay E. Leff, Trustee and George D. Leff, Trustee to David A. Leff, 1817 Mississippi St., Lawrence.

Billy J. Burke and Sally L. Burke to Anthony Nolte and Kelsey Nolte, Vacant Land, Rural.

Marilyn J. Blosser Trust to Robert W. Warkentine and Anne E. Warkentine, 303 N. Parker Cir., Lawrence.

Brett K. Spurlock and Erin N. Spurlock to Kevin Spurling, 307 Leander St., Eudora.

Jason M. Dye and Rhonda L. Dye to Alyson D. Huber, 2341 Surrey Dr., Lawrence.

Michie Masters to Valerie L. Pierce, 937 Pennsylvania St., Lawrence.

Douglas D. Duncan and Kelli R. Duncan to Jason Dye and Rhonda Dye, 3517 Eagle Pass Ct., Lawrence.

Jerry C. And Corale A. Altman Irrevocable Trust to David K. Showalter and Cheryl G. Lemon, 5929 Longleaf Cir., Lawrence.

Wednesday, Nov. 14

David R. Hageman and Julie L. Hageman to Greg Burdiek and Sarah Burdiek, 2928 Prairie Ct., Lawrence.

Keynen J. Wall, Jr. and Kathryn B. Wall to Brienna B. Vincent and William C. Vincent, 908 Drum Dr., Lawrence.

LJ Garber Construction, LLC to Keynen J. Wall, II, 407 Freemont Dr., Lawrence.

Barbara A. Sudlow, Trustee to Jove C. H. Mortenson, 886 E. 1050 Rd., Rural.

Thursday, Nov. 15

Frank Leet and Terencia Leet to James Blue and Zara Blue, 3001 W. 19th St., Lawrence.

Kimberly K. Polson and Aaron Polson to Nathan Wichman and Lindsay Widhman, 3210 Nottingham Ct., Lawrence.

Timothy G. Ostrander and Rachelle R. Ostrander to Maureen R. Balsbaugh and Austin M. Balsbaugh, 2824 Meadow Dr., Lawrence.

Carrie G. Combs and Tyson C. Combs and Robin C. Combs and Stephanie J. Combs to Tonya Shumaker-Dove and Melissa D. Shumaker-Dove and, 209 Arrowhead Dr., Lawrence.

Chidambaram Amaran and Mithra Amaran and Chitra Gowdamarajan and Rengasamy Gowdamarajan to 1716, LLC, 1716 Kentucky St., Lawrence.

Dallas E Dillon and Susan Dillon to Thomas G. Dillon and Dianna M. Dillon, 245 E. 1600 Rd., Rural.

Takehito Kawahigashi and Edina W. Kawahigashi and Takefumi Kawahigashi and Xinhui Min and Reiko Kawahigashi to Kyle Tyler and Melinda Tyler, 4411 Gretchen Ct., Lawrence.

Lisa D. Kany to Colin Marshall and Meredith Marshall, 3813 Pinnacle Cir., Lawrence.

Donna J. Crawford, Trustee to Tyson C. Combs and Carrie G. Combs, 905 Joseph Dr., Lawrence.

Grand Builders, Inc. to Kevin L. Fussell, 812 W. 30th St., Lawrence.

Sharon A. Vesecky, Trustee and John R. Vesecky, Trustee to Ryan Pinegar, 109 Chapel St., Baldwin City.

Darren G. Miller and Pamela L. Miller to Cody J. Anzek and Emily L. Anzek, 2621 Cranley St., Lawrence.

Cynthia K. Post to Lawrence Kansas Rentals, LLC, 449 Maple St., Lawrence.

Friday, Nov. 16

Mary F. Locniskar Trust to H.E. Heath Trust and, 4500 Bob Billings Pkwy and Unit 107, Lawrence.

Joseph J. Kieltyka to Silvestris, LLC, 923 Maine St., Lawrence.

Last Best Place, L.C. to Lynn M. Grosdidier and Cheryl L. Grosdidier, 3130/3132 W. 31st Ter., Lawrence.

Harewood & Associates, LLC to Lawrence Kansas Rentals, LLC, 1225/1227 and Pennsylvania St., Lawrence.

John W. Elliott, Jr. and Melissa Elliott to Tanner Fisher and Christy Fisher, 2621 Mayfair Dr., Lawrence.

Thomas Roderick, Jr. and Nicole Roderick to Qi Zheng and Chad E. Groer, 720 Hickory St., Lawrence.

Mobile Acres, LLC to John T. Stewart, IV and Christine V. Stewart, 1762 E. 1300 Rd., Rural.

Bowden Complete Construction, LLC to Kimberly A. Knopp, 505 Perry St., Lawrence.

Antony R. Pitt and Rebecca A. Pitt to Michael Blocker, 2314 E. 27th Ter., Lawrence.

Mathew L. Meiers and Sarah E. Meiers to Amy M. Wycoff, 2901 Sage Bruch Dr., Lawrence.

Dennis L. Darting and Jan Darting to Gary Rexroad and Angela C. Rexroad, 1515 Craig Ct., Lawrence.

Debra L. Goldberg to Kathryne Tatum and Liam Farish, 1329 Inverness Dr., Lawrence.

Lamonte and Louise Lauridsen Revocable Living Trust to Anita E. Sass, 911 King St., Baldwin City.

Homer P. Leslie and William L. Leslie to Cindy Rodecap and John Rodecap, Vacant Land, Rural.

Dennis A. Flory and Mary A. Flory to Albert R. Taylor and Dawn J. Taylor, 321 Blaze Blvd., Baldwin City.

Kyle L. Taylor and Jamy L. Taylor to Mathew L. Meiers and Sarah E. Meiers, 2737 Inverness Ct., Lawrence.

Teresa A. Crowe to Timothy Ostrander and Rachelle Ostrander, 3413 Riverview Rd., Lawrence.

345 Construction Services, LLC and to Erica A. Bulmer and Brandon K. Bulmer, 1213 Fremont St., Baldwin City.

Cornelis Vangemeren and Jeanie R. Vangemeren to Robert E. Koehn and Lee A. Koehn, 405 Eldridge St., Lawrence.

John E. Keller and Teresa M. Schreffler to Renee R. Rettele, 3924 W. 11th Pl., Lawrence.

John R. Towner and Le A. Towner to Thomas Roderick, Jr. and Nicole Roderick, 1209 Stone Meadows Dr., Lawrence.

Monday, Nov. 19

Jerome K. Brown to Danton R. Rezos and Nieca Caltrider, 910 Grove St., Baldwin City.

Lynda P. Hildebrandt and Scott A. Hildebrandt to Philip C. Gaus Living Trust and, 128 Bramble Bend Ct., Lawrence.

Larry D. Puckett and Karen S. Puckett to Michael S. Gudgell and Amanda N. Gudgell, 1427 E. 550 Rd., Rural.

Minnis Building & Design, LLC to Scott A. Hildebrandt and Lynda P. Hildebrandt, 322 Headwaters Dr., Lawrence.

Free State Properties, Inc. to Christopher Hanson and Tammy Phillips, 1117 Delaware St., Lawrence.

Drippe Construction, Inc. to Glen Marotz and Lynn Marotz, 337 N. Parker Cir., Lawrence.

Gail L. Tompkins to Pat Ragan, 334 Clark St., Lecompton.

Estate of Julie K. Davis to Friedhelm Eronat, 948 Jana Dr., Lawrence.

Kevin A. Moodley and Prabashinee Moodley to Bashar A. Ababneh and Ebtehal Y. Alsawalmeh, 5504 Bowersock Dr., Lawrence.