Real estate transfers for July 17-23, 2018

Following are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office from July 17 through July 23.

Tuesday, July 17

Marion Jane Jewell Revocable Trust to Five Star Quality Care-KS LLC, 4711 Balmoral Dr., Lawrence.

Ziegler Rentals, LLC to Ante Rentals LLC, 920 Maine St. and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Lawrence.

Marilyn J. Spencer to Kelly Martin and Rondi Martin, 1421 E. 18th St., Lawrence.

Five Star Quality Care-KS LLC to Larry G. Bensch and Arline Seely-Bensch, 4711 Balmoral Dr., Lawrence.

Karen J. Arnold and Larry Arnold to William J. Kramer and Rebecca Kramer, 3703 Pinnacle Ct., Lawrence.

Anne J. Olmstead and Navin Viswanathan to J. Bryant Bickel and Emily Lundberg, 1152 E. 1500 Rd., Rural.

Kevin Forman and Wendy Forman to Bridgett McGhee and Dan McGhee, 940 Jana Dr., Lawrence.

Rosa R. Gutierrez and Christina A. Gutierrez to Tenants to Homeowners, Inc. and Arika N. Mack, 2506 Maverick Ln., Lawrence.

Silver Fern Properties, LLC to Rainbow Works, LLC, 1931 Tennessee St., Lawrence.

MTGLQ Investors, LP to Barry Braden, 2012 Crossgate Dr. and 2013 Greenbrier DR., Lawrence.

Joseph A. Heppert and Kathleen E. Heppert to Robert A. Holmes and Daina M. Holmes, 2901 Oxford Rd., Lawrence.

Teresa M. Bowman and Matthew W. Bowman to Erin Hatton, 426 Perry St., Lawrence.

Jeffrey S. Jackson and Anna S. P. Jackson to Heaven Investments III, LLC, 437 Maine St., Lawrence.

John M. Marshall and Linda S. Marshall to Aaron K. Brumley and Sarah Trowbridge-Alford, 2204 Alabama St., Lawrence.

Nationstar HECM Acquisition trust 2017-2 to Chad DiCaprio, 1509 Elm St., Eudora.

Wednesday, July 18

Daniel E. Huffman, Co-Trustee and Mary S. Huffman, Co-Trustee to Matthew E. Werner and Kendra G. Werner, 608 Saratoga Pl., Lawrence.

John R Garrison and Diane V. Spicer to William T. Liggett and, Vacant Land, Rural.

Gavin Kreidler to Anantharaman Gurumurthy and Aarthi Ramprasad, 6316 Serenade DR., Lawrence.

Thomas J. Callahan to Douglas P. Callahan, 822 Connecticut St., Lawrence.

Estate of Virginia R. Copp to Eric Wagner, 1625 Haskell Ave., Lawrence.

Gerald E. Lubensky to Tena K. Santaularia, 1303 Ranchero Dr., Lawrence.

Lisa L. Rausch and Bertram C. Lyons to Micah Bassett and Tabitha Bassett, 1414 W. 22nd Ter., Lawrence.

Heaven Investments III, LLC to Board of Trustees of Lawrence Memorial Hospital, 437 Maine St., Lawrence.

Matthew M. Longren and Amy E.R. Longren to Alex T. Riemann and Katie L. Riemann, 2327 Peterson Rd., Lawrence.

Adam Buhler and Karen Buhler to Rachel Cournoyer, 1231 Laura Ave., Lawrence.

Peter K. Curran and Virginia S. Curran to Margann Bennett, 2309 Princeton Blvd., Lawrence.

Thursday, July 19

When Pigs Fly GK, LLC to James R. Ashcroft, 1918 Maple Ln., Lawrence.

Gary D. Nuzum, Trustee and Amy L. Nuzum, Trustee to When Pigs Fly GK, LLC, 4010 W. 26th Ter., Lawrence.

Warren H. White and Demetria A. White to Kelli Fisher and Julian Fisher, 901 Ash St., Eudora.

Dean A. Somerville and Janice L. Somerville to Leon W. Wright and Shirley J. Wright, 1629 Bobwhite Dr., Lawrence.

Kelly A. Nesbitt-Dancho and Jill S. Nesbitt-Dancho to Amy Watkins and Byron Watkins, 5823 Simple Ln., Lawrence.

Lonnie M. Gillman and Jaime L. Gillman to Luke J. Bowers and Rebecca L. Bowers, 3511 Yale Rd., Lawrence.

Rachael E. Ulbrick to Betsy Barnhart and Ryan Clifford, 3301 Riverview Rd., Lawrence.

Jeffrey M. Fortier and Blu Midyett to The 912 Group LLC, 912 Tennessee St., Lawrence.

Green Stamp LLC to Brad Simmons, 765 Hickory St., Lawrence.

Friday, July 20

Richard L. Jantz, Trustee and to Shawn M. Norris and Jana R. Norris, Vacant Land, Rural.

Garber Enterprises, Inc. to Jake Garber Construction, LLC, 3815 Daylily Ct., Lawrence.

Doris M. Detherage, Trustee and Billy R. Detherage, Trustee to Tanner L. Welch and Audrey A. Welch, 738 N. 1550 Rd. and 746 N. 1150 Rd., Rural.

Curtis D. Wright and Rhonda E. Wright to Chenyun Pan and Liwei Zhang, 908 Stonecreek Dr., Lawrence.

Kelli Fisher and Julian Fisher to Amy L. McClellan, 1028 Ash St., Eudora.

Brad Richard and Renee Richard to Victor Langrehr, 235 Lincoln St., Baldwin City.

Marc E. Protheroe and Crystalee Protheroe to Kanha Soukhot, 1113 Natalie Dr., Eudora.

Dustin L. James and Lauren James to Robert M. Evans and Paula A. Evans, 1130 Pine St., Eudora.

Gary A. O’Doniel to Bradley A. Hemel, Vacant Land, Rural.

Veeder Homes LLC to Curtis D. Wright and Rhonda E. Wright, 1125 Silver Rain Rd., Lawrence.

Christopher H. Sanders and Amanda Unruh to John G. Culbertson and Justine A. Hamilton, 902 W. 25th St., Lawrence.

Gary W. Confer to Shirl L. Nichols, 1595 E. 250 Rd., Rural.

Atec Services LLC to Caden Lynch and Emily Forge, 1522 Stevens Rd., Eudora.

Trevor A. Williams and Carmine C. Williams to Gretchen Nothhouse, 1219 Summit St., Lawrence.

Bertha A. Payne to Devon A. Ehnen, 900 Moundridge Dr., Lawrence.

Azura Credit Union to Garber Enterprises, Inc., 2409 Morningside Dr. and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Lawrence.

Nicholas Schneider and Blair Schneider to Matthew E. Gerde, 2404 Crossgate Dr., Lawrence.

Ronald G. Barnes and Donna V. Barnes to Dale K. Owings, Trustee and Katherine A. Owings, Trustee, 1115 E. 1200 Rd., Rural.

Marjorie E. Borom to Samantha J. Hewitt and Aaron G. Findley, 818 Maple St., Lawrence.

Monday, July 23

Tanner L. Welch and Audrey A. Welch to Michelle Pemberton, 1595 E. 767 Rd., Rural.

Tony J. Matalone and Vivienne Matalone to John K. Rau, 2614 Jordan Ln., Lawrence.

Anita P. Carlson and David L. Russell to Kyle Williams and Kinnat Whelan, 1527 Maryland St., Lawrence.

Shawn Bitters and Daina Holmes and Robert A. Holmes to Michelle L. Hadley, 1032 New York St., Lawrence.

BCR LLC to Katie Aldis, 820 King St., Baldwin City.

Christopher O. Smith and Manda L. Smith to Ruilian C. Brachear and Junwen Liang, 2704 Kensington Rd., Lawrence.

Cedar Tree LLC to Lawrence N. Yazzie and Courtney E. Schramm, 2517 Ralston St., Lawrence.

Christopher A. Turner and Debra G. Turner to Owen Stanley and Erin Stanley, 308 Settlers Dr., Lawrence.

Victor Frost and Linda Frost to John Sebes and Joseph Sebes and Mary Sebes, 1441 W. 19th St., Lawrence.

Andrew Kokhanovsky and Marissa L. R. Kokhanovsky to Ashley A. Peterson, 2356 Haversham Dr., Lawrence.

John G. Culbertson and Justine A. Hamilton to Steven Gribbell and Parker Sperstad and Dara Sperstad, 3017 W. 23rd Ter., Lawrence.

Benji K. Wyatt and Flora R. Wyatt to J. Ted Jester and Teri D. Jester, 204/206 Summertree Ln., Lawrence.

Robert C. Burton to Benjamin Goodison and Felicia Goodison, 1411 Monterey Way, Lawrence.

Marwin 1976 USA, Inc. to Joyce Riley, 1211 Kentucky St., Lawrence.

Randal J. Graham and Lisa G. Graham to Cole M. Graham, 1625 Stratford Rd., Lawrence.

Cedar Tree LLC to Michael R. Cailteux and Nichole A. Cailteux, 2517 Chasehire Dr., Lawrence.

Robin L. Lydick and Geoffrey L. Lydick to Steven A. Brandt and Nina M. Mitchell, 2507 Harvard Rd., Lawrence.

Flavin Investments, LLC to Clouse Investments, LLC, 204/206 Summertree Ln., Lawrence.