Real estate transfers for July 10-16, 2018

Following are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office from July 10 through July 16:

Tuesday, July 10

Estate of Earline E. James to Stewart Contracting, LLC and Crimson Blue Properties, LLC, 1215 E. 19th St, Lawrence.

Glenna J. Weir, Trustee and John S. Weir, Trustee to Wayne L. Stout and Debra K. Stout, 4201 Quail Pointe Ter., Lawrence.

Glenn H. Weld, Jr. and Kathy L. Weld to Aman T. Reaka, 304 E. 6th St., Eudora.

LeAnn Rettew and Philip L. Rettew and Marc P. Rettew and Charissa B. Rettew to Samantha K. Avery, 2709 Grand Cir., Lawrence.

Brian Landon and Megan D. O. Landon to Bowden Complete Construction, LLC, 501 Perry St., Lawrence.

Larry A. Schomer and Judith M. Schomer to Timothy J. Vante, 1081 E. 1200 Rd., Rural.

Alcott, LC to Matthew S. Baysinger, 1827 Louisiana St., Lawrence.

Thuy T. T. Nguyen to Nicholas Collier and Danielle Collier, 1613 Sycamore St., Eudora.

Terisa Rick to Robert W. L. Jameson and Afton S. Jameson, 3104 Flint Dr., Lawrence.

Kent E. Fisher and Christina L. Fisher to Samuel A. Pippert, 4613 Harvard Rd., Lawrence.

Drippe Construction, Inc. to Jennifer J. Dennon, 307 N. Parker Cir., Lawrence.

Eric L. Hodge and Colleen M. Hodge to Thy T. T. Nguyen and Danny V. Nguyen, 333 Beaumont St., Eudora.

Doris M. Gasper to Glenn M. Cooper and Dana T. Cooper, 3711 Overland Dr., Lawrence.

Cynthia C. Saunders to Galen F. Goetz, 2342 Surrey Dr., Lawrence.

Wednesday, July 11

James A. McGee and Carol McGee to Peter O. Grassl and Catherine M. Grassl, 972E. 1900 Rd., Rural.

Robert L. Cummins Revocable Trust and Magda L. Cummins Revocable Trust to Climate Storage LLC, 1547 E. 23rd St., Lawrence.

Stanley Burnham and Debra Burnham to Nathan C. Schwartz and Lindsay M. Schwartz, 1209 E. 2100 Rd., Rural.

Mountain Top, LLC to LMK Construction, Inc., 1731 W. 19th Ter., Lawrence.

Eugene Reding and Cora Reding to Huang Pan, 1426 Marilee Dr., Lawrence.

Gerald L. Drake and Peggy L. Drake to Mallard Properties, LC, 223 Monterey Way, Lawrence.

United Equity LLC to Fernando Rodriguez, 2409 Peterson Rd., Lawrence.

Rita C. Wilson to Rose Winters and David M. Grobe, 621 Lincoln St., Lawrence.

Andrea R. Allison to Stefan C. Pugh, 416 Cattleman Ct., Lawrence.

JMC Construction, Inc. to Louis Klemme, 414 Boone St., Lecompton.

Ronald E. Heskett and Linda L. Heskett to Richard Campbell, 36 Browning Ct., Eudora.

Mountain Top LLC to LMK Constructions, Inc., 1735 W. 19th Ter., Lawrence.

Thursday, July 12

Heidi Houghton, Trustee to Crimson Blue Properties, LLC and Stewart Contracting, LLC, 2420 Morningside Dr., Lawrence.

Anthony Polacca, Trustee and Ellen M. Polacca, Trustee to HAPO, LC, 1415 W. 2nd St., Lawrence.

John F. Coburn and Sharon L. Svendsen to Jonathan R. Vega, 1034 Firetree Ave., Baldwin City.

Beau D. Jepson to Gregory M. Sawyer and Donis J. Sawyer, 2112 Mitchell Rd. & and 1141 W. 21st St., Lawrence.

Cody T. George and Kellee R. George to Kyle L. Van Buren and Melissa A. Kramer, 512 Durham Ct., Lawrence.

Manna Houses LLC to Ying Wan and Jian Xiong, 2517 Morningside Dr., Lawrence.

Susan L. Workman to Kyunghwa Park, 529 Durham Ct., Lawrence.

Hearn Christopher, Jr. to Ryan E. Ward and Angela Ward, 3712 Dandy Dr., Lawrence.

Terravest Custom Homes, LLC to Donald L. Miller and Diane L. Miller, 233 Bramble Bend Ct., Lawrence.

Marilyn K. Pearse to Bryan B. Stober, 204 East High St., Baldwin City.

John S. Buxton, Trustee and Jane D. Buxton, Trustee to Timothy J. Pleskac and Katherine A. Pleskac, 1564 El Dorado Dr., Lawrence.

Sandra G. London-Leib and Michael K. Leib to Theodore L. Bergman and Patricia S. Bergman, 1709 Prestwick Dr., Lawrence.

Jacob Paquette and Becca Paquette to Brad Lanpher and Kirsten Lanpher, 2924 Chisholm Dr., Lawrence.

Mary L. Engel to Derek Hartman and Savannah Harman, 3904 Willshire Dr., Lawrence.

Janet L. Dight to Mary L. Engel, 3514 W. 8th Ct., Lawrence.

Friday, July 13

Triple BBB, LC to Hope A. Ekpo and Rory Fitzgerald, 3310 Yellowstone Dr., Lawrence.

Marjorie A. Bock to Rodney Johansen and Rebecca Johansen, 4019 W. 26th Ter., Lawrence.

Corey Roelofs and Megan Roelofs to William L. Schloss, IV and Tracy B. Schloss, 109 E. 17th Ter., Lawrence.

Degan A. White to Erik W. Peltzman, 1300 Pennsylvania St., Lawrence.

Graciela C. Marcolino to Shane Dunn, 255 North Michigan St. and #20-122, Lawrence.

Ronald L. Strayer and Bobbi L. Strayer to Amber Luckie and Ryan Luckie, 412 Casa Bonita Dr., Lawrence.

Grant Properties, LLC to Karen G. Kinder, 4910 Stoneback Pl., Lawrence.

Sunflower Group, LLC to Gideon Properties LLC, 344 Minnesota St., Lawrence.

Timothy G. Ostrander and Rachelle R. Ostrander to Jeffery Osner, 3022 Havrone Way, Lawrence.

Van M. Reichert and Leah S. Reichert to Douglas Hunsberger and Theresa Wyle-Hunsberger, 909 Easy St., Lawrence.

Nancy L. Rolfs to Bingham Investments LLC, 921 Holiday Dr., Lawrence.

Rob Lang and Eula Lang to Courtney Otter and Steven Otter, 300 Rockfence Pl., Lawrence.

Michael J. Howard and Melissa M. Howard to Kurtis J. Wenger and Shannon M. Wenger, 2213 Country Dr., Eudora.

Drippe Construction, Inc. to Christopher Rogan and Saminder Dhaliwal, 6308 Serenade Ct., Lawrence.

Bryan B. Stober and Natalie N. Stober to Sharon Edgar, 350 Montrose Dr., Eudora.

John A. Priddle, Trustee to Jennie C. Martel and Lindsay Baxter, 5737 Longleaf Dr., Lawrence.

Margo J. Holland and Joshua M. Holland to Edward J. Parr and Donna L. Parr, 4405 W. 12th St., Lawrence.

Jennifer L. Green and Scott M. Green to Tu M. Vo and Hieu D. Nguyen, 255 North Michigan St. and #2-5, Lawrence.

Casey Simoneau and Elise Simoneau to Bradley Peterson, 928 Bluestem Dr., Baldwin City.

Roger A. Michels to Marc A. Johnson and Melissa F. Johnson, 615 Saratoga Pl., Lawrence.

Lynn R. Davidman and Neal D. Horrell to Andrew Davidson and Meghan M. Davidson, 817 Maine St., Lawrence.

Ruth Allenbrand to Sheilah Barnhardt, 65 Savage Ter., Eudora.

United States Marshal for the District of Kansas to Don Schmidt, 1514 Stevens Rd., Eudora.

Monday, July 16

Virginia Sims and Jeff Sims and Lori Stanley and Randall Stanley to Matthew W. Bowman and Teresa M. Bowman, 907 W. 6th St., Lawrence.

Glen L. Lemesany, Trustee to Robert C. Gardner and Kimberly M. Gardner, Vacant Land, Rural.

Hayes Properties, LLC to James C. Ludy and Gail Blacklock-Ludy, 423 Washington St., Lawrence.

William H. Young and Constance C. Young to Ronnie W. Wade and Mary A. Wade, 404 Vine Dr., Lawrence.

Jon M. Rowland to Jacob E. Paquette and Rebecca J. Paquette, 1011 E. 700 Rd., Rural.

Lawrence Habitat for Humanity, Inc. to Bobbi Reid, 255 North Michigan St. and #4-17, Lawrence.

Jamie J. Bermel and Jacqueline A. Bermel to Larry E. Ewart and Anita M. Ewart, 5603 Silverstone Dr., Lawrence.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Kenneth L. Sloan, 749 Lyon St., Lawrence.

Drippe Construction, Inc. to Hallie J. Kretsinger, 305 N. Parker Cir., Lawrence.

Carolyn S. Kirby and John T. Kirby to William H. Young and Constance C. Young, 2512 Alister Dr., Lawrence.

Sabrena B. Gonzalez and Nathanael Gonzalez to Brianna K. Frits, 821 Westgate Pl., Lawrence.

Quoc T. Chieu to Francine M. Steiner and Walter Steiner and Rita Steiner, 2049 E. 25th Pl., Lawrence.

Aaron Frits and Brianna Frits to Nicholas L. Schneider and Blair B. Schneider, 710 Sturbridge Ct., Lawrence.