Real estate transfers for Dec. 4-10, 2018

Following are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s office from Dec. 4 through Dec. 10.

Tuesday, Dec. 4

Hendon Trust to Jason S. Wiegert and Tracie L. Wiegert, 1645 W. 20th Ter., Lawrence.

William D. Barnhill and Shelley W. Barnhill to Soft Six LLC, 1509 Alvamar Dr., Lawrence.

Coffman Construction Inc. to Ronald J. Kipper and Patricia A. Kipper, S Fir St., Eudora.

Fulks Real Estate, LLC to Jacob R. Jones and Kelly R. Jones, 1107 Spruce St., Eudora.

Kimberley E. Moore and John McKeon to Alice J. Garven and Robert C. Garven, 5746 Longleaf Dr., Lawrence.

Wasson Enterprises Inc. to DIY Enterprises, LLC, 501 Ames St., Baldwin City.

Thomas L.E. Nelson and Jennifer J. Nelson to Sean P. Latzen and Mandy M. Latzen, 1004 E. 700 Rd., Rural.

Wednesday, Dec. 5

Douglas L. Beene Trust and Steven D. Beene and Virginia L. Beene to Andrew Booth and Kylie Booth, 1926 W. 3rd St., Lawrence.

Heather M. Thomas to Ana Rodriguez, 235 Arkansas St., Lawrence.

Loraine H. Lindenbaum, Trustee to Free State Properties, Inc., 1025 Holiday Dr., Lawrence.

Patrick Ragan to Visser Investments, LLC, 334 Clark St., Lecompton.

Jared C. Gorman and Laura Gorman to Kathryn M. Beseth, 2412 Stowe Dr., Lawrence.

Estate of Fleetta Mae Higgins to Aaron Taylor and Kimberly Taylor, 1208 Bison Ct., Baldwin City.

David N. Broyles, Trustee and Kathryn D. Broyles, Trustee to 30:15 LLC, Vacant Land, Rural.

Thursday, Dec. 6

Laura D. Spegal and Jacob Spegal to Summit Street Investors, LLC, 501 Florida St., Lawrence.

Lori L, Ross, Trustee and Timothy W. Ross, Trustee to Tanya M. Kulaga and Gregory W. Thompson, 2909 Chisolm Dr., Lawrence.

Harold D. Nelson Trust to Charles M. Nolen and Jodie M. Nolen, 1005 Summerfield Way, Lawrence.

Kimberly D. Maples and Chris M. Maples to Matthew A. Coffman, 701 E. 12th St., Eudora.

L. L. Baugher to Shamrock Valley Ventures, LLC, 745 N. 1800 Rd., Rural.

John G. Wingfield, Trustee and Norma L. Hubbard, Trustee to Five Star Quality Care-KS, LLC, 4715 Balmoral Dr., Lawrence.

Five Star Quality Care-KS, LLC to Laurance W. Price, Jr. Revocable Trust and Eula J. Price Revocable Trust, 4715 Balmoral Dr., Lawrence.

Friday, Dec. 7

Michael Drieling and Traci Dreiling to Candice L’Ecuyer and David L’Ecuyer, 118 W. 27th St., Lawrence.

Paula G. Klinksick, Trustee and Floyd J. Klinksick, Trustee to Evan Curtis and Vanessa Curtis, 4516 Wimbledon Dr., Lawrence.

Christopher T. Bray and Jessica Bray to William R. Moorman, 1120 Elm St., Eudora.

RLCC, Inc. to Leslie E. Miles and Kathy A. Miles, 1227 Kanza Dr., Lawrence.

Sun Y. Tackett, Trustee and John A. Tackett, Trustee to Julie C. Blumenthal Revocable Trust and Michael L. Blumenthal Revocable Trust, 1001 Kentucky St 1, Lawrence.

Brandon L. Grosdidier and Charis L. Grosdidier to Thomas W. J. Tucker and Kori L. Tucker, 1706 Cypress Ct., Eudora.

Dianne Karls 1990 Intervivos Trust and James M. Karls Family Trust to William D. Barnhill and Shelley A. Barnhill, 3522 Tam O’Shanter Dr., Lawrence.

Stephanie D. Elms and Aaron C. Elms to Adany Perez, 1019 E. 1256 Rd., Lawrence.

Robert J. Day and Stephanie M. Day to John A. Susich, 801 Fox Chase Ct., Lawrence.

Carl D. Isenburg and Amanda S. Isenburg to Christopher M. Maples and Kimberly D. Maples, 2039 N. 1000 Rd., Rural.

United States Beef Corporation to FRG Properties LLC, 1533 W. 23rd St., Lawrence.

Steven C. Hughes and Ruth A. Hughes to Dimitri Merrill, 4613 Merion Ct., Lawrence.

David Westerhouse and Caitlyn A. Westerhouse to Jordan P. Ballock, 6 Sharps Ct., Eudora.

Piet R. Knetsch to Carl W. Wilcox and Patsy L. Wilcox, 206 Campbell Ct., Lawrence.

Cassandra Keefer to Charles L. Jehle Trust and Janet S. Jehle Trust, 2311 Kingston Dr., Lawrence.

Thomas E. Kipp and Eloise E. Kipp to Scott E. Vincent, 712 Flame Way, Baldwin and City .

Garber Enterprises, Inc. to Jake Garber Construction, LLC, 3814 Daylily Ct., Lawrence.

Casey Simoneau and Elise Simoneau to 345 Construction Services, LLC, 12th St., Baldwin City.

Casey Simoneau and Elise Simoneau to Mid America Bank, 100 Dearborn St. Blk 1, Baldwin City.

Haque Consulting, LLC to Henry S. Lopez, Trustee and Bobbi R. Lopez, Trustee, 1809 Alabama St., Lawrence.

Estate of Stephen L. Bauer and Estate of Alison D. Bauer to Catherine R. Gerstner, Vacant Land, Rural.

Robert N. Culley and Stefanie Culley to Sarah McCune, 617 N. 6th St. & and 0 N. 6th St., Lawrence.

Jeremy Fischer to Jeanette Richardson, 2200 Breckenridge Dr., Lawrence.

Diovatax, LLC to Donald R. Grammer and Joyce L. Grammer, 311/313 Silver Leaf Ln., Baldwin City.

William L. Leslie and Homer P. Leslie to Brooke C. Viola, 800 E. 7th St & and Vacant Land, Rural.

Bonnie L. Morse to Lynda L. Brittingham and Thurman L. Brittingham, 714 Monroe St., Baldwin City.

Monday, Dec. 10

Fred G. Rogers and Rosylee L. Rogers, To and, Lawrence Kansas Rentals, LLC, 746 Maple St., Lawrence.

Dallien L. Holtkamp and Jill Holtkamp to Jonathan R. Duffendack and Sarah C. Duffendack, 2607 Skyview Ct., Lawrence.

Willie Galindo and Rose M. Galindo to Maurice Henry and Brooke Henry and Debra Beckner, 425 Steele Dr., Lawrence.

James K. Long, Trustee and Esther L. Long, Trustee to Lonnie M. Gillman

Jaime L. Gillman, 3230 Huntington Rd., Lawrence.

Raving Fun Investments, LLC to FRG Properties, LLC, 4671 W. 6th St., Lawrence.

Salb Homes, LLC to Philip Steeger, 5806 Freemont Way, Lawrence.

Stephen Ayres, LLC to Justin M. Titus and Ivory E. Titus, 1621 Acorn Ln., Eudora.

Lawrence S. Wrightsman to Jacob Scott, 3702 Pinnacle Ct., Lawrence.

Patrick C. Tyrrell to Razi Ahmad and Tasnim Fatma, 3622 W. 10th St., Lawrence.

Manuel F. Ruiz-Lacayo and Alexandra Hernandez to Anthony L. Chavez and Rebecca L. Chavez, 4316 W. 26th Ter., Lawrence.