Real estate transfers for Aug. 7-13, 2018

Following are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office from Aug. 7 through Aug. 13:

Tuesday, Aug. 7

Free State Properties, Inc. to David Kasten and Sara Lechtenberg-Kasten, 1813 Indiana St., Lawrence.

Jeffrey Haney and Jonni Haney and Barbara Dark to Kevin Dark and, 2027 E. 325 Rd., Rural.

Salb Homes, LLC to Linda Swank, 2250 Lake Pointe Dr., Lawrence.

Michael A. Flory, Trustee and Cheryl A. Flory, Trustee to Gary D. Self and Janice A. Self, Vacant Land, Rural.

David A. Hogg and Lacee Hogg to Gail Beutler-Eyman and Ashish Mahajan and Pamela Mahajan, 312 Birch Ln., Lawrence.

Cedar Tree LLC to James E. Shaw and Renee M. Shaw, S. Fir St., Eudora.

Miranda M. Lyon to Travis L. Jacobs and Kara O. Jacobs, 2530 Crestline Ct., Lawrence.

Alcott, L.C. to Ziegler Rentals, LLC, 918 Mississippi St., Lawrence.

Lane 3, L.C. to Ziegler Rentals, LLC, 900 Mississippi St., Lawrence.

Ruth M. Bowman and John E. Bowman to William R. Rector and Deborah A. Rector, Vacant Land, Rural.

Nicole H. Smith and Cote Smith to Miranda M. Lyon, 2737 Meadow Pl., Lawrence.

John E. Bowman and Ruth M. Bowman to William R. Rector and Deborah A. Rector, 977 E. 1000 Rd., Rural.

Wednesday, Aug. 8

Harry H. Coffman to Kenneth L. Grotewiel, Trustee and Jennifer A. Grotewiel, Trustee, Vacant Land, Rural.

Paul M. Dorathy and Cynthia A. Edwards to Kansas Veteran Homes and Millwork, LLC, 724 N. Blazing Star Dr., Lawrence.

Norbert M. Grosdidier Revocable Living Trust to Karla Grosdidier and David Grosdidier, Vacant Land, Rural.

George D. Schmitendorf, III and Chester A. Schmitendorf and Sandra J. Cordill and Lowell D. Cordill and Jennifer Schmitendorf and Thomas E. Schmitendorf and Rose M. Kopf to Linda’s Rentals LLC, 3507 W. 8th Ct., Lawrence.

Landon Stephens and Britney Stephens to Denise M. Goldman, 535 N. Salsbury Ct., Lawrence.

Garber Enterprises, Inc. to Micah Garber and Nicole Garber, 6209 W. 22nd Ct., Lawrence.

Thursday, Aug. 9

William P. Pastewait and Stephanie A. Pastewait to Elias C. Brandt, 607 N. Montgomery Way, Lawrence.

Tracy Russel and Lana S. Russell to Nicole L. Phelan, 1124 Stonecreek Dr., Lawrence.

Roxann Gooden and Michele M. Boone to JKW, LC, 608 E. 626 Rd. & and Vacant Land, Rural.

Michael D. Aldridge and Cara L. Aldridge to Courtney L. Nowak and Donald J. Nowak, 4305 Teal Dr., Lawrence.

Kovacs Properties, LLC to Matthew P. Herrera, 216 Kaw Ct., Lawrence.

J. P. Building Company, Inc. to Casey Simoneau, 709 8th St., Baldwin City.

Phyllis L. Brubeck to Michael D. Aldridge and Cara L. Aldridge, 1119 E. 1264 Rd., Lawrence.

Rhonda Henderson to Jarin M. Tabor and Dana M. Tabor, Vacant Land, Rural.

Janet I. Mody to Sheyda F. Jahanbani and Jonathan C. Hagel, 2100 Carolina St., Lawrence.

Garber Enterprises, Inc. to Noah W. Garber and Kristi K. Garber, 6217 W. 22nd Ct., Lawrence.

Friday, Aug. 10

George M. Akob and Mary J. Akob to Stephen C. Yeats and Rita C. Yeats, 111 E. 1800 Rd., Rural.

P.D.O. Investors, LLC to Bluestem Apartments, LLC, 512 Rockledge Rd. and A, B, C, Lawrence.

Daryl Morgison and Delores Morgison to Daryl Sappington and Courtney Sappington, 208 E. 1600 Rd., Rural.

Drippe Construction, Inc. to Darren T. Field, 2509 Fairfield St., Lawrence.

ALVA West, LLC to Tenants to Homeowners, Inc., 1346 Maple Ln. & and 1350 Maple Ln., Lawrence.

Timothy C. Boettger and Ira G. Salvini, II to Paula Richardson, 2017 Barker Ave., Lawrence.

Landstar Development, LC to Kurt J. Fahrenkamp and Laura C. Fahrenkamp, 1308 Waverly Dr., Lawrence.

Chris A. Pool and Lisa G. Pool to Julie K. Schrader and Jeffrey J. Schrader, 986 E. 1587 Rd., Lawrence.

Eric L. Martincich, Trustee and Mary J. Martincich, Trustee to Charles Seaman, Jr. and Reantha Seaman, 1411 Anthony Michael Dr., Lawrence.

Matthew S. Dick and Melissa A. Dick and Ryan A. Chapman to Mary E. Henderson and Michael J. Testerman, 2115 Marvonne Rd., Lawrence.

Stewart A. Whitham, Trustee and Jane E. Whitham, Trustee to Matthew Donnelly and Heather Hall, 3021 Riverview Rd., Lawrence.

Yingjie Li and Thomas M. Worker-Braddock to Tyson S. Holden and Kaytlin M. Holden, 1820 Villo Woods Ct., Lawrence.

Smoky Hill Properties, LLC to Ashley P. Bost, 3217/3219 Cardinal Dr. & and 1324/1326 E 25th Terr. and, Lawrence.

Jeffrey K. Woods and Sonja M. Woods to Kip A. Kraisinger, Vacant Land, Rural.

Matthew W. McNemee and Tami R. McNemee to Mary Timson and David A. Rout, 2410 Louisiana St., Lawrence.

Monday, Aug. 13

Roy S. Edwards and Cynthia S. Edwards to Kevin Jackson, 315 4th St., Baldwin City.

Kimberly Jackson-Schall to Howi Heideman and Heather Tolle, 2014 Maple Ln., Lawrence.

Ernest C. Bauman, IV and Chantel K. Bauman to Steve D. Shufelberger and Cynthia J. Shufelberger, 2136 Terrace Rd., Lawrence.

Maureen E. Mulally and Alan Mulally to Eric J. Ordemann, 1721 Atherton Ct., Lawrence.

Bryce Benton and Charlotte Benton to Tommy L. Gunter and Jena L. Gunter, 888 E. 1264 Rd., Lawrence.

Plaza Storage LC to Plaza Storage of Lawrence, LLC, 2300 W. 31st St., Lawrence.

Bradley D. Grinage and Colleen B. Grinage to Dennis J. Jacobsen and Michelle J. Jacobsen, Vacant Land, Rural.

Norman Gardner, Trustee and Janet Gardner, Trustee to Christopher Ferguson and Emily G. Ferguson, 49 E. 1500 Rd., Rural.

Tarik Khatib and Kerri C. Khatib to Russell Heinen and Kendra Heinen, 1625 St. Andrews Dr., Lawrence.

Janice L. Fullerton to William Z. Cook, 1838 W. 28th Ter., Lawrence.