Real estate transfers for July 31-Aug. 6, 2018

Following are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office from Tuesday, July 31 through Monday, Aug. 6, 2018:

Tuesday, July 31

Michael T. Amyx and Marilyn S. Amyx to Kimberly S. Lybarger, 2312 Free State Ln., Lawrence.

Christopher A. Chavez and Caitlyn M. Berry to Lu He, 928 Anna Tappan Way, Lawrence.

Free State Business Center, LC to Commerce EAT, LLC, 1201 Wakarusa Dr. and A,B,C,D,E, Lawrence.

Larry E. Powley and Sharon M. Powley to Shelby Kuehler and Shannon Kuehler, 1293 N. 1000 Rd., Rural.

Shelly M. Davis and David A. Davis to Harry Avery, 1415 High St., Baldwin City.

Vance S. Kneifl and Tracey K. Condon-Kneifl to White Picket Fence Homes, LLC, 1900 1/2 Louisiana St., Lawrence.

Diana D. Rhodes and to Eric S. Davin, 2412 Atchison Ave., Lawrence.

Richard S. Windheuser-Beebe and Michael G. Windheuser and Heather Windheuser to Troy Hagen and Amy Hagen, 3021/3023 University Dr., Lawrence.

Joe C. Voth and Crystal E. Voth to ARC Investments LLC, 2311 Wakarusa Dr., Lawrence.

Estate of Peggy G. French to Gray Properties of Lawrence, LLC, 634 Locust St., Lawrence.

Thomas R. Wilkerson, Trustee and Vicki L. Wilkerson, Trustee to Skye Yoder and Kailyr Dey, 28147 Belle Haven Dr., Lawrence.

Beverly McHenry to Weld Properties, LLC, 930 E. 21st Ter., Lawrence.

Erik Peterson and Amanda Peterson to David E. Peaco and Mauri B. Peaco, 302 Perry St., Lawrence.

Wednesday, Aug. 1

James W. Woelfel and Sarah C. Trulove to John L. Nieters and Kathryn E. Nieters, 808 Alabama St., Lawrence.

Robert L. Perry and Carolyn A. Gallagher to James W. Woelfel and Sarah C. Trulove, 2706 Chipperfield Rd., Lawrence.

Free State Management, LLC to Eric Mattison, 1431 Westbrooke St., Lawrence.

Anthony S. Backus to JoyAnne L. Foster and Matthew R. Foster, 1763 Louisiana St., Lawrence.

Melissa D. Stucky and Jason C. Gordon to Kristina E. Kim-Crespi and Alexander M. Crespi, 1918 Vermont St., Lawrence.

Larry Johnson and Peggy Johnson to Nathan R. Moorehead, 3208 Rainier Dr., Lawrence.

Andrea Brinckman and Paul Brinckman to Paul R. Hanson and Yu M. Ahn, 4724 W. 24th St., Lawrence.

Leonora E. Barker, Trustee to Janice Rake, 4301 Wimbledon Ter., Lawrence.

Derek F. Briles and Gregory F. Briles and Debra L. Briles to Robert A. Brewer, 704 Alabama St., Lawrence.

Megan M. Williams to Rebecca M. Anchors, 1811 E. 24th Ter., Lawrence.

Carol A. Smith to Thoroughbred LLC, 2109 Ohio St., Lawrence.

Larry Johnson and Peggy Johnson to Matthew C. Paquette and Amy C. Paquette, 3210 Rainier Dr., Lawrence.

Douglas E. Byers and Terra Brunton to Brian W. Byers, 909 Holiday Dr., Lawrence.

Thursday, August 2, 2018.

Oread Enterprises LLC to James D. Christianson and Mary B. Carman and John B. Carman, 923 Indiana St., Lawrence.

Estate of Rose M. Seele to Henry N. Wernsman and Judith A. Wernsman, 212 Silver Leaf Ln., Baldwin City.

William R. Rector and Deborah A. Rector to Julian A. Karmi, 1921 Kentucky St., Lawrence.

Brandi M. McCormick and Travis E. McCormick to Darren W. Hall, 2714 Stratton Dr., Eudora.

Mark W. Pheatt, Trustee and Nancy A. Pheatt, Trustee to David J. Edwards and Betty H. Edwards, 1222 Orchard Ct., Lawrence.

Scott Holding Company, LLC to Imran Wahla and Fadila Boumaza, 1726 Kentucky St., Lawrence.

Janet S. Gibson to Imran Wahla and Fadila Boumaza, 1721 Kentucky St., Lawrence.

Dorothy E. Taylor Living Trust to Raelynn Moon and Duane R. Moon, Vacant Land, Rural.

Dorothy E. Shaner Building, LLC to Bald Eagle Spaces LLC, 342 Elmore St., Lecompton.

Scott McPherson and Desiree D. McPherson to Matthew A. Suppes and Sharon R. Suppes, 1105 10th St., Baldwin City.

RPM Properties, LLC to HH2 LLC, 612 N. 2nd St. and 616 N. 2nd St., Lawrence.

Michael G. Montgomery and Deborah J. Osborne to Mark A. Frykholm and Karen P. Frykholm, 1610 Cypress Point Dr., Lawrence.

Kelley J. Biel and Christine K. Biel to Daniel R. Wittman, Jr. and Sage L. Angell, 1903 Ousdahl Rd., Lawrence.

Drippe Construction, Inc. to Kylie E. Powell and Jason R. Powell, 1107 Silver Rain Rd., Lawrence.

Earl W. McNish, Sr. to Shamrock Valley Ventures LLC, 2617 Louisiana St., Lawrence.

Friday, August 3, 2018.

Yankee Tank Estates, LLC to William G. Flores and Danira L. Fernandez and Francisco J. Flores, 3173 Yankee Tank Ln., Lawrence.

Michael D. Stultz and Roberta J. Stultz to Josh Gentry and Whitney Gentry, Vacant Land, Rural.

William A. Wapp and Betty L. Wapp to Matthew T. Cook and Jessica M. Cook, 313 Sharon Dr., Lawrence.

Scott Curry and Joyce Curry to Travis E. McCormick and Brandi M. McCormick, 1110 E. 2100 Rd., Rural.

Richard A. Maner, Jr. IRA, FBO to Jose A. Saliceti and Kristina E. Saliceti, 2217 Vail Way, Lawrence.

Brian E. Ezell and Cheri L. Ezell to Macon J. Ezell and McKenzi P. Ezell, Vacant Land, Rural.

Jeffrey C. McCombs and Lindsey R. McCombs to John M. Blakeney, 1032 E. 24th St., Lawrence.

Harold E. Ohmart and Carol A.P. Ohmart to Jack A. Younger and Leah C. Younger, 3010 Ranger Dr., Lawrence.

Jon A. Davis to Jonathan P. Merz, 3608 Parkview Ct., Lawrence.

Jaden J. Jun and Deborah J. Moon to Christina J. Leonard, 1402 Marilee Dr., Lawrence.

Ryan W. Shumaker to Ryan Kruse and Shea Kruse, 5730 Longleaf Dr. and 5734 Longleaf Dr., Lawrence.

Chris D. Beilman and Theresa J. Beilman to Zachary S. Faircloth, 3 Sharps Ct., Eudora.

Monday, August 6, 2018.

Brian Smith and Laura Smith to Lindin J. Scott, Jr. and Jennifer H. Scott, 4004 Spring Hill Dr., Lawrence.

Catherine S. Schneider, Trustee and Ryan A. Schneider, Trustee to Zofia Tynski, 324 N. Carver Ln., Lawrence.

Annette Hughes to Victor M. Shenouda and Margrit N. Yousef, 1520 Kentucky St., Lawrence.

Chad M. Christie and Ann M. Christie to David Biggs and Reagan Biggs, 362 E. 1500 Rd. & and Vacant Land, Rural.

Camille Nolan and John Nolan to Gregory M. G. Russell, 920 E. 13th St., Lawrence.

Loron Hays and Kimberly A. Hays to Emily A. Fawcett and Peggy S. Fawcett, 84 Hwy 40, Rural.

Velta M. Sitler, Trustee to Landon Stephens and Britney Stephens, 1401 Wagon Wheel Rd., Lawrence.

Eugene R. Snow, Trustee to Cimarron J. Evans and Shannan R. Johnson, 513 Oklahoma St., Lawrence.