Real estate transfers for July 24-30, 2018

Following are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office from July 24 through July 30.

Tuesday, July 24

Frank M. Brown and Vicki L. Brown to Myers Construction, Inc., 413 Rockfence Pl., Lawrence.

Haskell 458, LLC to Craig M. Moeckly and Kristin Moeckly, Vacant Land, Rural.

Joe L. Harness to Bradford R. Cokelet and Sarah K. Hoadley, 1932 Ohio St., Lawrence.

Bradly L. Chindamo Revocable Trust to Brian Holmes Trust No. 1, 1408 Anthony Michael Dr., Lawrence.

Wednesday, July 25

Suzanne Carter to Ed Samp and Cheryl C. Samp, 3925 Stetson Dr., Lawrence.

Kyle W. Timmons and Amy S. Timmons to Stephen Myers and, 1901 W. 3rd St., Lawrence.

Dale Kite and Nora Kite to Laura F. Tiffany and, 4016 Trail Rd., Lawrence.

Jeffrey J. Birnbaum and Cynthia A. Birnbaum to Robert S. Bugh and, 805/807 Renaissance Dr., Lawrence.

Highland Construction, Inc. to VOLZ Builders, LLC, 314 Stoneridge Ct., Lawrence.

M. Margaret Grosdidier Credit Trust and M. Margaret Grosdidier Revocable Trust to Jacob B. Cline and Melissa A. Cline, 2152 N. 1150 Rd., Rural.

Journey Homes LLC to Jeff Demaske and Madeline Demaske, 1214 Crestline Dr., Lawrence.

Chad Larson and Jennifer Graham to Megan S. O’Brien, 2113 Virginia St., Lawrence.

Sheldon L. Shogrin and Tara R. Shogrin to Scott R. Brimer and Brittany Driscoll, 1789 E. 770 Rd., Rural.

Thursday, July 26

Albert J. Jenks, Trustee to Kathleen A. Humpert and Dustin T. Humpert, 2059 N. 500 Rd., Rural.

Sandra L. Hague and George A. Hague to Nadereh L. Nasseri, 255 North Michigan St. and #12-77, Lawrence.

Bardia Rajaei and Annie R. Rajaei to Benjamin J. Ehret and Sara E. Ehret, 2705 Bishop St., Lawrence.

Jost Homes & Construction LLC to Carolyn A. Seger, 2013 Maple Ln., Lawrence.

Salb Homes, LLC to Clarence E. Burgardt and Cheryl J. Burgardt, 2250 Lake Pointe Dr. and #2004, Lawrence.

Carolea Mathison to Phillip A. Hrenchir and Donna R. Hrenchir, 2117 E. 25th Pl., Lawrence.

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. to Julia C. Billue, 3204 W. 25th St., Lawrence.

James Musetti to Michael L. Hughes and Dana N. Hughes, 2116 Owens Ln., Lawrence.

Stanley H. Graham, Trust and to Thomas J. Stephens, Jr. and Kirsten R. Y. Stephens, 2511 Morningside Dr., Lawrence.

Invictus Builders, LLC to Eric Garrett and Ally Garrett, 1229 Greenbrier Dr., Eudora.

Alice Gurley and Sammy Gurley and Judith Wagner and Roger Wagner and James McMillen and Pamela McMillen to Alan E. Wright and Amy D. Wright, 1500 Ottawa St. Blk 1, Baldwin and City.

Dale E. Huffman, Trustee and Carol A. Huffman, Trustee to Tim Grace and Shantel Grace, 1473 E. 660 Rd., Rural.

Friday, July 27

Jacob B. Cline and Melissa A. Cline to Janet S. Donner, 1101 Peach St., Lawrence.

Kramer Regier Properties, LLC to Brian G. Fitzpatrick, 1501/1503 W. 26th St., Lawrence.

Tyson T. Travis and Fuh Mei Travis to Joel D. Kaczor and Mary K. Kaczor, Vacant Land, Rural.

Judith E. Wulfkuhle, Trustee to Dale Huffman and Carol Huffman, 1298 E. 250 Rd., Rural.

David Garcia and Maria Garcia to Anthony E. Robinson and Tiffany Robinson, 3844 Hill Song Cir., Lawrence.

Salb Homes, LLC to Chris L. Kollman and Ginger Kollman, 415/423 Freemont Dr., Lawrence.

Janet S. Donner to David J. Cadue, 74 Stevens Rd., Eudora.

DB Triple Dipper Restaurant LLC to ML Levin Lawrence, LLC and DL Levin Lawrence, LLC, 2319 Iowa St., Lawrence.

Alice A. Bates to Heath B. Seitz, 1883 E. 100 Rd., Rural.

Linda J. Poort to Heath B. Seitz, 1883 E. 100 Rd., Rural.

Dennis W. Thurman, Jr. and Alissa O. Thurman to Bradley A. Adams and Abby M. Adams, 1008 New Boston Ct., Lawrence.

Betty H. Wright and Donald R. Sneegas to Jesus A. Ramirez-Organista and Jamie K. Ramirez, 1606 W. 2nd St., Lawrence.

Wade Conrad and Jessica Conrad to Paul J. Brinckman and Andrea D. Brinckman, 2922 Atchison Cir., Lawrence.

Perry Construction, Inc. to Robert S. Wallace and Ann M. Wallace, 2536 E. 25th Pl., Lawrence.

Sylvia Somiari to Ty Arneson, 1707 W. 21st St., Lawrence.

Steve Avery and Dawn Avery to Maria S. Cuevas and Jaclyn M. Berra, 1627 Rhode Island St., Lawrence.

BYB LC to MNU JAIN LLC, 2351 W. 31st St., Lawrence.

John R. White to Cyrus A. Pedram, 412 Eldridge St., Lawrence.

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. to Gregory M. Polk, 1333 E. 18th St., Lawrence.

Jake Garber Construction, LLC to David Garcia and Maria Garcia, 507 N. Daylily Dr., Lawrence.

Joshua M. Lee and Kristin L. Lee to Kristopher Schaumburg and Emmalee Schaumburg, 3912 Monterey Pl., Lawrence.

Langston Heights Development LLC to Saby K. M. Chan and Alan C. Dannerman, 6304/6306 Steeple Chase Ct., Lawrence.

Geoffrey C. Wright and Mallory D. Wright to Nina L. Berg, 609 Utah Ct., Lawrence.

Tanglewood, L.C. and JDS Kansas, L.C. and Kentucky Place, L.C. and Venture Properties, Inc. and Scotsdale Properties, L.C. and TAT Land Holding Company, L.C. to K-10/40 Development, L.C., Vacant Land, Rural.

Karen S. Parsons to Jay E. Haupt, 1375 N. 550 Rd., Rural.

Monday, July 30

Sojac Land Company LC to K-10/40 Development, L.C., Vacant Land, Rural.

Coffman Construction, Inc. to Michael D. Baxter and Tiffany D. Baxter, 334 Leander St., Eudora.

Kyle J. Krueger and Natalie N. Krueger to Shane Flanagan and Kimberly Flanagan, 404 Terri Ct., Lawrence.

Roger Jensen and Misty Jensen to Tanya Baynham, 535 Lake St., Lawrence.

Brian S. Niemann and Linda J. Niemann to Chad N. Lowe and Christine E. Lowe, 2005 E. 24th Ter., Lawrence.

Judy L. Karlin and Brady S. Karlin to Mathew W. Schmidt and Austin L. Ice, 206 Michigan St., Lawrence.

Timothy T. Froese and Marci R. C. Froese to Claire Cook-Callen and Carrie Cook-Callen, 3936 Tail Rd., Lawrence.

Christopher R. Miller, Trustee to South KC Properties, LLC, 927 Homewood St., Lawrence.

Alyssa D. Black and Ian Black to Sharon K. Eylmann, 1605 Elk Horn Dr., Baldwin City.

T. J. Ulmer and Kelly Ulmer to Ricky L. Clover and Carrie L. Clover, Vacant Land, Rural.