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On Do you think Lawrence is a good place for recent college graduates to get established?


Bob Smith 2 years ago

If you want to serve coffee, yes.

Clara Westphal 2 years ago

Finding a position that would match their degree with a comparable salary might be a problem. There are not too many of those jobs in town.

Scott Callahan 2 years ago

Since I moved here 20 years ago, nothing has changed in the local job market. Nothing.

Carol Bowen 2 years ago

New graduates need to spread their wings. If they are really serious about starting their career, they should follow the jobs, get experience. A placement director once told me that finding a job relies on three factors - location, salary, and the job itself. You only get two of the three. A newbe should try for salary and and a career job. After acquiring some experience, they are more likely to find a job where they want to live. They will probably lose salary moving to a small city like Lawrence, but the quality of life is worth it. Having experience will help them land career jobs here. Otherwise, they will be waiting tables like Bob said.

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