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On What would you miss most if you had to live off the grid?


Bob Smith 2 years ago

I'd miss the calm, reasoned arguments of the people in favor of civilian disarmament. /snark/

Thomas Bryce Jr. 2 years ago

Yes. I could do without most of the modern conveniences(TV, Cell Phone , Radio, Microwave, etc) But digging a hole every time you needed to empty your bowels:that is where I call it quits. Had enough of that in Boy Scouts and the Army.

Kim Schulz 2 years ago

Wow, Mr. Williams. Why so hostile? The one you are so quick to critisize does have his own set of judgements but not quite as mean spirited. Living off the grid shouldn't be offensive to anyone. But apparently, everything is.

Elizabeth Day 2 years ago

Wow, take a breather. "Embodies hypocrisy?" Harsh, based on a photo and a few quoted words. I don't know the guy pictured, but, wow,...harsh. And the first post is just mean. Unduly. He made a general comment, answered a question as he sees fit, and you went all personal on him. Dang.

Lawrence Freeman 2 years ago

Now that my grand kids no longer are living with me. I'm back to (technically) homeless. Currently living in my 37' motor home with my 2 dogs.

Internet access is the only problem I have. Tough to comment from a smart phone. Guess I'll have to save up and buy a mobile satellite hot spot.


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