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On Do you think Lawrence Police should focus on college students' off-campus behavior?


Fred Vance 4 years ago

Yes... Their destructive behavior is not always confined to the KU campus. A person should be arrested/ticketed no matter where they are at. A high priority is their safety and our safety.

Richard Payton 4 years ago

A focus on college age students could be seen as age discrimination. Age profiling shouldn't be the focus but stopping crime no matter what age should be the objective.

wdl 4 years ago

Everyone's off campus behavior should be scrutinized. It is the big world, students need to understand how society works and what is expected of them. If they didn't get the training at home on how to blend into society then I suppose the police are the ones who will help them with their tutoring. College is more than an on campus experience, it would appear some are finding that out.

Wayne James 4 years ago

If crime/criminal activity doesn't occur within the confines of the campus buildings/property, it becomes the responsibility of the LPD. IF you don't like the treatment you get as a student at any university, then pack your bags and go home...back to mommie and daddie. Give them a second chance at teaching you something besides the ABC's. Apparently the children of today aren't taught the Golden Rule any more. Too bad. Many are GIVEN everything...including an education at a prestigious university. They aren't taught to respect others or another's private space/property. Many away from "home" for the first time in their lives get caught up in the party atmosphere and booze and can't handle the effects of alcohol and it then becomes the responsibility of the local Law Enforcement to straighten them out before it is too late.....for then or someone else.

Liberty275 4 years ago

"IF you don't like the treatment you get as a student at any university, then pack your bags and go home"

And take your money with you.

Carol Bowen 4 years ago

Anyone who is drunk and driving, jaywalking or demonstrates belligerent behavior can suffer the consequences. The plan is to clean up trouble spots in Lawrence. Now, if the people who are ticketed or arrested happen to be college students, so be it. If i were driving drunk, I would be arrested, so how can any of this be construed as age descrimination? Whoever is out there with these behaviors need to be responsible for them. They are disrupting our community.

Liberty275 4 years ago

How about law-enforcement focusing on everyone equally? Is that too much to ask?

Carol Bowen 4 years ago

It is enforced equally. As I pointed out, if I were driving drunk, I would be tickedted. No one is asking whether or not they are students before they are ticketed.

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