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On Do you remember your first day of kindergarten?


looza 8 months ago

Yeah...I traded my chocolate chip cookies to Mary Williams for her joo joo bees because she said candy last longer than cookies. I got burned!


FlintlockRifle 8 months ago

Didn't have one in the country school, started in 1st and on to to the 8th, then into the city WOW.


jane_doe 8 months ago

Yep. Had my Dorthy Hamill wedge hair and my home made dress and my BFF from down the road. We sprinted into the classroom to claim seats next to eachother. We were the sh*t.


George_Braziller 8 months ago

Not the first day but nearly 50 years later I still have some very vivid memories of Kindergarten. We had a Kindergarten graduation program and I received a diploma which my mom framed and hung on the wall in the dining room.

At the time we lived across the street from the Rectory and Father Van Tilburg walked across the street shortly after my "graduation" to talk to my mom about something. I still remember him bending over and shaking my hand congratulating me on my graduation.


littlebit1313 8 months ago

Do not remember the first day but do remember getting in trouble at least 3 times in kindergarten.


dajudge 8 months ago

Didn't get to go. Had to stay on the farm and milk the cows.


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