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On Have you made any changes to your desk or work station for ergonomic reasons?


BABBOY 9 months ago

Mostly, I just try to set up straight and use good posture. I try to get up and move around every hour as well. Sometimes not possible such as long drives to SW KS or SE KS and everywhere else in the state.


L7 9 months ago

Got plastic liner for my trash can.


jane_doe 9 months ago

I sometimes move stuff around on my desk like where I keep my white out. Then when other people try to gank it, they can't find it. And when they do eventually find it, they put it back in the old spot. Then I complain that I can't keep stuff on my own desk wherever I want to.

Then I read the stuff that they pull up on my computer when I'm not there. Seriously. People are dumb.


jhawkinsf 9 months ago

I'm on my feet a good 12 hours per day. A good pair of shoes is well worth the price.


Russell Fryberger 9 months ago

I get my buttocks up and out of my chair at least once an hour. Is that considered ergonomic?


rockchalker52 9 months ago

I don't have a work station per se, ergo nominal changes.


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