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On What percentage of your classes are taught by graduate teaching assistants?


Liberty275 9 months, 3 weeks ago

I taught as a GTA but did all my undergrad work at a four year school with no grad students.


bevy 10 months ago

Been out of college for more than a decade, but I can say with certainty - NONE. Because I went to Washburn, where classes, discussions, labs, etc. were all taught by professors.


verity 10 months ago

The assumption seems to be that GTAs are not good teachers. This of course is only an anecdote of one situation, but one of the very best college teachers I ever had was a GTA.

I am NOT advocationg turning all teaching over to GTAs, just pointing out that they are not by definition inferior.


CWGOKU 10 months ago

I don't recall having too many TA's when I went to KU. Three or four classes maybe


Thomas Bryce 10 months ago

How about Lecturers? They are a separate group.


BABBOY 10 months ago

When I went to school about 100 years ago, none of them were. I did not go to KU however.....


jane_doe 10 months ago

I've got no class.

Not a shocker, I know....


LogicMan 10 months ago

Knowing what they are studying, and their year in that would be helpful.


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