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On Is protesting outside a public official’s house appropriate?


mikekt 10 months ago

OMG !!!............Terrorist Litterers !!!!!

Time for the Republican S.A to take to the streets........or at least call homeland security ?

Oh well !

The right wing has protested abortion Drs. at people's homes before . Why should they be exempt from their own mean spirited tactics ?!

Saw the footage of Kobachs home . Didn't see any no trespassing signage in the video ? Hum ? Maybe our big time SOS............. "& Lawyer"....... needs to go to a hardware store,.... and by one and post it ?! you think ?!


Leslie Swearingen 10 months ago

What LogicMan and oneeye_wilbur said. Couldn't say it better.


oneeye_wilbur 10 months ago

Of the property, ok. But on It NO

Go to the Chancellors

house on the porch and ground and see how long you can stay! Do the same at Mayor Devers home!

Those who went on his property reflect today's society and illiteracy.


Liberty275 10 months ago

Everything legal and most non-violent acts which may be illegal are appropriate in my opinion. I don't care what you people do as long as you don't violate the rights of others. That makes it appropriate for you to do. Now go out their and do it my little tigers.

Protesting at a politician's house or funeral is appropriate as long as you don't violate his rights by defacing his property, trespass after being told not to or interrupting his burial. That also goes for soldiers funerals, Tennesee Williams plays, war, drugs, killing chickens in the city limits and other similar actions. Either approve of all lawful protest, or approve of none. Pick a side.

Kobach can really only go after them for littering, but given his high profile stance on immigration, and the statement made by placing the shoes of deported people on his porch, I think that rises to the level of speech and is protected - so getting them for littering is iffy and would be more petty than a nationally-acting politician should be.


oldbaldguy 10 months ago

did you see the video. i don't like kobach but this was over the line. if they had stayed on the public sidewalk, it might have been ok. i am suprised the wyndotte cops did not chase them off.


Trumbull 10 months ago

No. Just show up at the courthouse or park or street corner. I don't like intimidation factor. This is bad.


BABBOY 10 months ago

I understand first amendment allows the protesting of house but I think it rather distasteful.

Also, if the protestors go onto private property, I think that is trespassing and not protected as there are property rights that have to be balanced with the free speech rights.

But, in this instance, it just kind of funny all the way around. Not a fan of Kobach.


Caz Snwot 10 months ago

"Many people expend a lot of energy protesting against their irresponsible, unresponsive government. It seems like a terrible waste of time, considering how ineffectual their protests are. Is it enough of a consolation for them to be able to read about their efforts in the foreign press? I think that they would feel better if they tuned out the politicians, the way the politicians tune them out. It's as easy as turning off the television set. If they try it, they will probably observe that nothing about their lives has changed, nothing at all, except maybe their mood has improved. They might also find that they have more time and energy to devote to more important things." -Dmitry Orlov-


jane_doe 10 months ago

Who cares? The really fun thing to come out of the folks on Kris' lawn was when he made a vague gun threat. Really? You are such a winner.


The_Big_W 10 months ago

No. But if you do, bring pitchforks and torches.


LogicMan 10 months ago

Appropriate, no. On the public right of way, and with any necessary permits, etc., it can be legal. Going on to the porch enmass with mal-intent is treaspassing, at least, and must be prosecuted. In this particular incident, they were obviously hostile, and it is dumb-luck that no one paid the ultimate price for that and their ignorance of the law and our society's expectations.


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