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On Who would you put in the Kansas Hall of Fame?


Leslie Swearingen 2 years ago

Amelia Earhart

Dennis Hopper

Gordon Parks

Damon Runyon

John Cameron Swayze

Vivan Vance

rockchalker52 2 years ago

Rick Averill, just for his Donald Duck impersonation alone. Also, Leo Beuerman for his inspirational lessons in humanity.

Charlie Bannister 2 years ago

Definitely not Kathleen Sebelius. Maybe John Riggins. How about Ross and Marianna Beach--two fantastic people who were fabulously generous with their philanthropy.

Leslie Swearingen 2 years ago

Definitely, Spacehog, I hope he is carrying on, carrying on, where ever he may be. He may be a ghost on the web and only certain people can discern his presence.

Thanks for the nomination, Jane.

he_who_knows_all 2 years ago

...and in case she sees this...my wife.

Anthony Mall 2 years ago

The Koch Brothers.... Just to drive people crazy!

been_there 2 years ago

Better question--Who will put themselves in the Kansas Hall of Fame?

chootspa 2 years ago

I tried to answer that one affirmatively, but apparently it was not met with approval. That or a technical glitch. Let's go with technical glitch. Been a lot of unexplained and rather arbitrary technical glitches lately.

riverdrifter 2 years ago

Buster Keaton -or is he already in?

riverdrifter 2 years ago

Denise McCluggage! Dang I just now caught up on her. Google her up!

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