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On Do you have plans in place in the event of a tornado?


Ron Holzwarth 11 months ago

Although I've seen some tornadoes, only one time was I in the direct path of one. Fortunately, I was driving on the Interstate at the time. So, I parked my car at the bottom of a valley, and my friend and I ran and hid way back inside the culvert under the Interstate. It was a very long one, stretching from one side of the Interstate clear underneath the lanes going the other way, and about five feet in diameter. My friend was from New York, and had never experienced a tornado before, so he was a bit bewildered by this.

It was very eerie, the wind was whipping from left to right through the culvert for a while, then the wind stopped and it became very still for a moment. Then, the wind began to whip the other way, from right to left, after the tornado had passed overhead. A few moments later, it was safe to exit the culvert.

We went back to my car, which was undamaged. I looked up and saw the tornado. It looked like a rope way high in the sky. Only a moment later, it dissipated into nothing. As a practical matter though, we weren't in any danger because the tornado had already lifted from the ground when it passed over us, the only thing it was doing was influencing the wind direction on the ground.

Unfortunately, a culvert underneath an Interstate is not always handy. But if you can ever get inside one, you are perfectly safe from any tornado. Flooding would be the only danger you could face.


Leslie Swearingen 11 months ago

Photo op, maybe a book deal depending. Seriously? I have no idea. They had to change the Fujita Scale because the storms are stronger than in the past.

EF4 the one that hit Moore would: "Devastating damage. Whole frame houses Well-constructed houses and whole frame houses completely leveled; cars thrown and small missiles generated."

There is no place to go.


BABBOY 11 months ago

Not really. But, recent events suggest I should.

I heard that there is some sort of messed up debate going on in Oklahoma about whether or not their schools should be required to have safe houses. Apparently, flooding prevents safe basements. The debate is stupid. The problem is the costs. They say risk of Tornado is too remote to build them in all the schools. I will try not to get political but you can guess which side does not want to spend the money.

I thought about it some. I think we would have the same problem with the tea party that runs Kansas legislature. They would not spend the money either.

I really tried not to get political but the fact that so many conservatives do not want to spend money to keep kids safe is ridiculous.

Of course, the same conservatives do not want gun control despite school shootings.

Guess I failed at not getting political but the facts sort of speak for themselves with the inherent flaws of the conservative movement.


Karl_Hungus 11 months ago

Yes, I'll go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over!


jane_doe 11 months ago

My plan involves some sparkly red heels and skipping about. Hot, I know....


psycho_theclown 11 months ago

Always run in the same direction as the wind is blowing.


L7 11 months ago

When I was in grade school they used to tell us, go to the hallway, bend over, and stick your head between your knees.


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