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On Have you ever had a memorable summer job?


LogicMan 11 months ago

Yes, flipping Soylent Green burgers back on the home world. They had an odd, memorable odor.


oldbaldguy 11 months ago

ran die machines and stamping presses in a die cast plant one summer. saw people almost die. never wanted to do that again


jane_doe 11 months ago

I worked for the temporary office that ran the local delivery of phone books. It was odd. People used to get really nutty about phone books back in the day.

I also did day camp for day care aged kids in Gage Park in Topeka. That was a lot of fun doing the zoo and train and carousel all the time.


Lynn731 11 months ago

Starting at age 16, I worked summers at a hospital where my Dad was medical director. The first summer on the grounds crew. The subsequent summers I worked in a small canteen for the patients. Making sandwiches, burgers, malts, sodas, and all sorts of food. I learned to be a good short order cook from the experience, and it taught me the value of hard work. My younger brothers worked there when they became 16, as well.


Paul R Getto 11 months ago

Working in a KU lab, tending and sometimes killing rats with chloroform in a trash can. Nasty business it was.


Russell Fryberger 11 months ago

Tobacco fields. Cropping tobacco sucks.


riverdrifter 11 months ago

1971, went on a wheat harvest crew. We started at Turkey, Texas the first week of June. Up through Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana. Ended up combining windrowed oats near Calgary, Alberta 3 months later. Then we literally came to the north woods and the film ran out of the projector and slapped on the table. Turned around, came home.


sjgreen 11 months ago

My best friend and I spent a summer living in Dix Hills on Long Island. We lived in the guest cottage of some of her relatives and worked the drive-thru at the Burger King in Commack during the evening. We met some great people and got to know NYC fairly well, but the best part was having time free during the day to go to the beach.


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