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On Would you shop at Menards if it came to Lawrence?


RogueThrill 11 months, 4 weeks ago

I don't have a problem with a Menard's but I will still shop at Cotton's unless I need lumber.


Jim Phillips 11 months, 4 weeks ago

After my last goat rope with Home Depot, Menard's first and foremost.


sleasyea 12 months ago

see this type of hammer head design (Blacksmith Hammer/ Cross Peen)? =

HomeDepot - Estwing 64 oz.(4lb) Steel Blacksmith Hammer (same as Cross Peen) $19.97 (only 3 in stock Lawrence btw)

Cottin's A.K.A True Value website, zero type of hammers listed with that head design, so I called them = Collins Cross Peen $20.99

Walmart web site = zero type of hammer listed with that head in two Lawrence stores (could be available in store if I called to check, but shouldn't their web site tell me?

Westlakes A.K.A ACE website = zero type of hammer listed in 2 Lawrence stores..probably over priced anyway...

Advance Auto web site = K Tool International 4 lb. Cross Peen $28.59 availability call store? No thanks

Orielly website = both a combo and lesser weight (Cross Peen) shown as unavailable in store selected and there are 3 in Lawrence- call every store. No thank you.

Autozone = Great Neck (3.2lb only) in stock in Lawrence Price: $10.99. Not a bad price minus 0.8 pound.

The thing is Lawrence SEARS store probably would of had a 4lb too , but for $40 - $50

Orchelen ? pfft

The winner

Menard's - Masterforce 4lb Cross Peen Hammer $12.99 (in stock Topeka)

So I would shop at Menard's for a cheap 4lb hammer, because they have one. Its what I want style, design, and need it today -fast and its cheap, I don't want to over pay, after all its just a cheap hammer like the rest with a fiberglass handle.

This is the way I shop, if its not listed on a website as available to get price comparisons or I have waste more time to drive to 10 stores or call 10 different stores numbers and be put on hold for in store prices/availability I don't bother with shopping there, because previous calls to some of those places have only shown that I'll probably over pay at those stores anyway..


In_God_we_trust 12 months ago

I would shop at Menards in Lawrence, but I believe better placement of the store would be in Ottawa. City of Lawrence does not really appreciate the opportunity from businesses, and does not deserve a Menards.


12 months ago

I would I love going to Menards when I go to Topeka. I still would go to Home Depot.


oneeye_wilbur 12 months ago

My friends would rather shop at a grocery store at 23/oconnell?...fat chance on that with the planning department!


consumer1 12 months ago

If a menards is built in Lawrence, a certain segment of no build proponents would make such a stink at city hall (bullying the commissioners) into only allowing a small market store which is a waste of time and energy. If we are going to have these retailors here take the shakkals and let them build a real store, one that carry's all the products.


chootspa 12 months ago

My guess is that it would also be a smaller store, since Lawrence is a smaller town. Those who think they'd be in home supply shopping paradise because they like the one in Topeka are probably going to be disappointed.

Bit of a vicious cycle, really. Shop in KC because the big boxes in Lawrence don't carry it. The big boxes in Lawrence don't carry it because everyone shops in KC.


autie 12 months ago

I sure am glad I still have a hometown lumber yard. Does this Menards sale French lumber?


Ladybug2 12 months ago

We drive to Topeka now to go to Menards and then stay and eat and do some other shopping. We also go to Home Depot in Lawrence but many times they don't have what we need and their prices are higher on identical items.


msezdsit 12 months ago

I would be very frugal about shopping at menards. They pretty much played their hand with their purely posturing statement about not putting a store in Lawrence because of Obamacare. Now that they got their mileage out of a clearly false statement it is ok to open a store in Lawrence in spite of Obamacare. The problem comes in with the domination of the market that the big box stores enjoy which means Home Depot is guilty of just about anything menards is.

What you can count on is my continued support of the few "Cottins" type businesses we have left. Good people who give back to and support the community they live in.


sleasyea 12 months ago

Bring on Menards so that it can pull out in a couple of years like Payless Cashways did, now Crown Toyota3430 Iowa St, Lawrence, KS


Tammy Copp-Barta 12 months ago

Yes .. I was impressed with the selection of items at the one in Topeka.


BABBOY 12 months ago

Can you flipping believe it is snowing!

Man I do not care that much where people shop.

Kind of obsession for this paper to ask these questions however.

Makes ya all look small town....


Russell Fryberger 12 months ago

We need someone to compete with The Home Depot. Kind of one sided right now in Larryville.


jlzack 12 months ago

I'm a Home Depot fan, and from what I hear, most items you have to mail in a rebate to get the discount.... therefore, I probably wouldn't shop there!


CWGOKU 12 months ago

I suppose yes, if I am in the need for a load of Menards.


g_rock 12 months ago

Possibly. I have been known to prance around Home Depot in heels just for entertainment. And I'd totally stalk that hot landscape guy to wherever he goes and what not. Yum. Seriously.


loosecaboose 12 months ago

I am tired of Johnson County getting my sales tax dollars at Lowes because our half-pint Home Depot don't have what I want to buy. I have also found Menards to have a much better lumber selection for a hobby woodworker, so I guess Shawnee County will get my tax dollar also. Of course, we will probably make a day of it eating out and other shopping.


craigers 12 months ago

Absolutely. You can get some pretty solid stuff there for a good price. Last year even with driving to Topeka, I saved more on purchasing patio pavers and landscape rocks than buying at Home Depot.


LawrenceTownie 12 months ago

I used to go to Menards in Altoona, Iowa where my daughter lived. I found a painter's ladder there that was in my price range. I use it all the time, have looked and looked for another one at other hardware stores. Not found, but will buy another from Menards. It is made stronger than any other ladder I have looked at. Yes I will definitely buy from Menards again.


donttreadonme 12 months ago

No, cheap merchandise at a cheap price is not a bargain.

Menard's is the Harbor Freight of home improvement.


streetman 12 months ago

I might START shopping Lawrence rather than making a weekly trip to Topeka for nearly everything.


Andini 12 months ago

Yes. And I want Dicks and Hooters too.


LogicMan 12 months ago

Definitely. Several times per week.

If those two students above stay in Lawrence, they'd be buying there too. There's lots of good stuff sold at Menard's and Home Depot needed for filling their future households to the brim. It's the American way.


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