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On Where’s your favorite place to go swimming?


milkman_dan 12 months ago

I'm kind of partial to the Chi Omega fountain.


riverdrifter 12 months ago

There's a pond waay out in a big pasture that belongs to friends. It's spring-fed, replete with sand beach and has wonderful cool, clear water on hot summer evenings. A primo skinny dipping spot for generations, it's now largely forgotten.


g_rock 12 months ago

Where ever my fun new boyfriend is, who says he likes pools. I may be like super near that party pool mentioned up top. See you there Katie. But I love beaches and fruity cocktails. Last place I swam was Cabo San Lucas while the old stupid boyfriend slept like an 87 year old man with a walker. Yah so there is that...


autie 12 months ago

The legend. The annual. The bath. Keepin on rockin in the free world.


The_Original_Bob 12 months ago

Potter Lake. But not in June. That is when a legend takes his yearly bath.


Wayne James 12 months ago

The Jayhawk Plunge. Located Near 6th & Minnesota(?) Circa 1950's


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