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On KU is undertaking a four-year, $11 million project to rework Jayhawk Boulevard. What other improvements would you like to see on campus?


Leslie Swearingen 1 year ago

Have more opportunities for skateboarding and free running, both of which are wonderful to watch if done right and very healthy for the participants. Since we are as a nation supposed to be on a health kick, I would think this would be excellent. (Or, you could just kick the person next to you, mutter health, and call it good.)

Two very, very good movies which I would totally recommend which have the best free running scenes ever, are D13, the original and the sequel. They are both on Netflix.

No way a million for trees, just forget about them, they not necessary on that street, and if you that nostalgic just carry a tree around with you and hold it over your head. Of course, I mean a small tree. Bonsai hat?


g_rock 1 year ago

I think we should fix Wescoe. But I'm not sure how or what. If they tear it down and build like an actual building, I'd miss the old elephant, yaknow? Interesting. I'm attached....


thebcman 1 year ago

Tear down that ugly-ass oread hotel eyesore, and rebuild the crossing and yello sub.


autie 1 year ago

As a student from the late 70's, I would really llike to see a statue of the Tan Man put out in front of Wescoe Hall. Where the kids call it the beach today.


L7 1 year ago

Beer fountains and more bathrooms.


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