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On How interested were you in the city commission race?


emily_litella 1 year ago

What's all this talk about racism? I think we need to let it go; it's 2013!


Leslie Swearingen 1 year ago

Well, I was very interested and did vote on the 2nd. The three that I wanted in, got in. It seems to me that the information was out there, because I certainly read a lot about it.

So glad to see that Farmer was elected. Can we expect to see some changes now?


scaramouchepart2 1 year ago

Louis works for a communications company and didn't know.


autie 1 year ago

There was an election yesterday? dang it. I wasn't with the toupee platform anyway.


BABBOY 1 year ago

Not very interested.

That will not be the case in August when the Koch Industry and friends try to get control of the Ks Supreme Court.....

I am sure the moderates will sleep throught that one as well....


g_rock 1 year ago

On a scale of 1-10?


But then again, I'm very distracted by Freestate in the background there....yum.


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