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On What is the best tattoo you have seen on a person?


ophiuchus 1 year ago

All adornments are "tattoos"... choice of clothing, jewelry, hairstyle, (makeup)—even style of glasses and make/model of vehicle... not to mention that avatar you're sportin'. Why get bent out of shape over adornments which reflect commitment?


Leslie Swearingen 1 year ago

Why are tattoos being perceived as lower class or trashy? Just how old do you have to be to have such an attitude? Come on now! Sailors and criminals and carnival people? I don't think so. You know, you just might come across an employer or two that has a tattoo. If they both got the tat at the same place? Networking and bonding!


hitme 1 year ago

the best tattoo is no tattoo.

I watched Harvard play Princeton a couple of weeks ago. The absence of tattoos was notable; these guys aren't going pro, they're getting jobs when they graduate.


Gandalf 1 year ago

A tat on a girl's shoulder . . . if you can read this you're too close


storm 1 year ago

Amy Poehler's lower back tattoo is the best.


Leslie Swearingen 1 year ago

I saw one that I really liked on a young woman at Walmart which was a tulip with a leaf on each side and she had one on the back of each calf. They were beautiful and obviously done by someone who was very good at their craft. Also I have seen a dream-catcher on someones shoulder that was very nice.


Romans832 1 year ago

I recently saw one that prompted me to ask the person a question. In a small script on a gal's wrist were the words, "Believers Never Die." I thought it might mean that believers in Jesus never die. ;-) She explained it was a band name. A band name to her, a promise to me! :-)


Karl_Hungus 1 year ago

I especially enjoy the ones that are close to one's feminine parts.....

I am surprised though that the Chucky Manson forehead swasticia has not caught on though....


BABBOY 1 year ago

I am old school. I have never been pierced even though I grew up in the punk rock era and liked punk rock music. I have never been tattooed even though many of my friends and even my wife have tattoos.

Heck, one could argue it is more rebellious to not have a tattoo or piercing in these times and the times I grew up in….

I do work out and try to build muscle and bodybuild so to speak if that counts as body art....which in my case is usually covered with fat from eating too much Tex Mex, Barbeque and other good foots not consistent with being while I think am stronger than some body builders I am not going to be on any magazine any time soon because I love to eat.....


CWGOKU 1 year ago

None. Ditto to the man with Custer's nickname


g_rock 1 year ago

My favorite tattoo was my grandfather's name on his forearm from back in the day when he was in the army. Loved it. I've thought about getting the same on my arm but it wouldn't look right without the manly hairy arms.


autie 1 year ago

I do not believe in self mutilation. I always thought that tattos were for sailors, convicts and circus people. So many of these people will regret it what they did in their impetuous youth when that tat looks like a melted Hersheys kiss running down their arm.


grammaddy 1 year ago

My friends "bar code" that says "made in Japan". His Dad was an American soldier stationed there in WWll when his parents met.Ever seen a 6'6", 250 lb. 1/2 Japanese dude?


Andini 1 year ago

The girl with the dragon tattoo.


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