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On What is important to you in a church service?


canyon_wren 4 years ago

A good. thoughtful sermon. Most church services anymore just seem to be "social clubs" where you see good friends and are entertained (sometimes)with relatively modern music (and very few of the traditional hymns). I would prefer a more silent, reverential setting but in my community, that doesn't seem to be available.

Thinking_Out_Loud 4 years ago

Check out the Oread Friends Meeting. They offer a traditional Quaker-style silent service.

Kyle Neuer 4 years ago

I get more out of a long walk in the woods.

trinity 4 years ago

Whole grain communion wafers&good quality sacramental wine.

nocrybabies 4 years ago

An answered prayer. So far, none.

melott 4 years ago

That there are lots of people holding their arms up and waving them back and forth with their eyes closed.

paisley 4 years ago

The church service is (imo) not what's really important. I "get " out of it, what I put into it. The service itself is a way to give God His due glory. It really is ALL about Him.

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