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On Do you put lights on your house for the holidays?


Antonym 2 years ago

I have lights 365 days a year. Now my neighbors, that's a different story. Seems like Westar is always over there turning the lights off and on. I've offered to run an extension over for those "times of need". Good people with bad luck.

Leslie Swearingen 2 years ago

It is wonderful that you will do that.

RoeDapple 2 years ago

Sometimes the strobe lights on the bunker go on at night but mostly it's false alarms. The accompanying siren blast will stand the shingles straight up.

Bill Lee 2 years ago

I don't have a hose, but I put light s out on my apartment balcony. They're as much for my pleasure as they are for my neighbors to enjoy.

msezdsit 2 years ago

NO!!!!!!!!!! Wrap your house in a bunch of cheap wiring (quality not price) and wrap a dried out tree in the same and pray to Jesus your house doesn't burn down for Chrismas. Where the spirit of "tis the season" crashes into common sense and safety . Can insurance replace the kids?

rockchalker52 2 years ago

Anybody see that news story about the guy with Christmas lights all over his pickup? The cops made him stop driving it like that. He shoulda stayed down on the farm.

RoeDapple 2 years ago

Okay, just this one time . . .

RoeDy's House of Paranoia and Holiday Supply

RoeDy's House of Paranoia and Holiday Supply by RoeDapple

Bill Lee 2 years ago

house. I can't type in December.

RoeDapple 2 years ago

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know . . .

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riverdrifter 2 years ago

Yes. 30' of LED lights. I also put up 90' of those icicle-type lights on my neighbor's house. Pain in the neck. I think we should all chip in and get Misterlee a good hose for Christmas.

rockchalker52 2 years ago

Cw, those are the best. The one I have has lasted a lifetime.

rockchalker52 2 years ago

Sometimes it's good to go away for the holidays & not get lit at home. We're considering Beer Paradise this year. Nothing beats a hot tub full of yeast & a cozy nap on a bed of warm alfalfa.

riverdrifter 2 years ago

Just rip the breasts out of them. Stuff with a slice of jalapeno pepper, wrap in bacon, dust with salt & pepper. Grill on high until the juices run pink. Most excellent. Collared doves take longer as they're bigger. Serve with Marietta Old Vine's latest batch and a good salad and crusty bread.

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