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On What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?


RoeDapple 3 years ago

All of it. Except for that stinkin' oyster dressing.

RoeDapple 3 years ago

Looks like it'll be a good day for killin' blue rock. Gots about 6 boxes coming.

Klumma 3 years ago

"You don’t seem to get it any other time than Thanksgiving."...Umm, sounds more like a Valentines Day gratuity....

Have a nice Day!

Liberty275 3 years ago

Come on, ladies of leisure aren't all that bad.

Bill Lee 3 years ago

My ex-wife's dressing. I can't get it very often anymore, but during the few days after Thanksgiving, I watch for her car to be gone so I can visit my kids who still live with her. I get some then.

Richard Payton 3 years ago

The turkey,ham,green bean casserole and pie. Then comes the couch coma time.

RoeDapple 3 years ago

My first wife's dressing is outstanding (when she doesn't put oysters in it)!! Lucky for me we are still cohabitating. (40 years this Dec.) I will be helping her make the first batch later this AM.

RoeDapple 3 years ago

McRap. best. product. name. evah!

Eddie_Haskell 3 years ago

Los Angeles is a filthy cesspool. Just ask Maynard.

FlintlockRifle 3 years ago

My spelling teacher was right, watch and learn------"""Home grown chilli"""

Terry Sexton 3 years ago

Punkin' pie, easy on the cloves. Must have enough pie to make it to Monday.

Eddie_Haskell 3 years ago

I'm looking forward to raising some hell tomorrow. Last year was boring. We just mostly did the family bonding thing.


somedude20 3 years ago

Oh, I am a breast man!!!! Put any kind of breast in my hands...chicken, turkey, seal.....Big fat breast meat!!!!! Gettin hungry

George_Braziller 3 years ago

Deviled eggs. We have them at every family gathering and my aunt always makes extra if I'm going to be there because I'll eat half a platter myself. We also always have to have extra green bean casserole because my niece and I both love it almost as much as I love deviled eggs.

bd 3 years ago

Real stuffing! Not the crap that is cooked in the pan! The good stuff that is cooked in the turkeys butt! Yummy! :)

urban_ndn 3 years ago

My favorite is a can of genocide, and french bread.

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