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On What’s your favorite Halloween costume you have seen?


g_rock 1 year, 5 months ago

Last night I saw pirates, chicks dressed like Kiss, Egyptians, baseball players, a Pan Am retro stewardess and a 94 year old princess.


prospector 1 year, 5 months ago

If I was gonna fly, I'd fly nuts too.

So Andy is dressed up as a preschooler? I did not know a tie was part of the uniform of today.

Rock on Mr. Andy Baker with your power tie. I thought you were Coach Self myself.


RETICENT_IRREVERENT 1 year, 5 months ago

"He flies nuts.”

I just copied that on to a Post-it® Note and placed it on my wall.


RoeDapple 1 year, 5 months ago

Bigfoot. Or maybe it was Chewbacca. Whatever it was apparently took 3rd place.


Antonym 1 year, 5 months ago

I saw a woman dressed as a man. In retrospect, I think it was coincidence that it was Halloween.


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