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On Do you think dancing ability relates to athletic ability?


Wesley Willis 3 years ago

I think being smashed relates to me staggering down Mass

Terry Sexton 3 years ago

Depends on the dance. Nureyev's ballet? Yes. Chubby Checker's twist? Not so much.

grammaddy 3 years ago

Not necessarily.My late husband was one of the least athletic people I have ever known but also one of the best dancers.

Eddie_Haskell 3 years ago

Yes. And I think dancing ability and athletic ability both relate to sexual prowess. Ronaldo is probably good in bed. Tender, but good.

somedude20 3 years ago

I haven't really seen any fat strippers, so I would guess that dancing with a pole is a great way to stay skinny (but not vd/std/baby free)

Eddie_Haskell 3 years ago

I try to avoid dancing. I look like I'm having a seizure or trying to make love to myself. However, I can't help but dance to this. Spacehog takes his shirt off and rides a skateboard.

Eddie_Haskell 3 years ago

Most white guys can't dance. Just ask Bruce Springteen. Bad idea. Really bad idea.

alittlecurious 3 years ago

Simply go to "Late Night" for the answer...

RoeDapple 3 years ago

"Eddie, you got an lotion left?"

It puts the lotion in the basket, or else it gets the hose again.

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