Chat live with Kevin Yoder, Republican candidate for the 3rd Congressional District

October 19, 2010

This chat has already taken place. Read the transcript below.

Kevin Yoder

Join us Tuesday, Oct. 19 from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. for a live chat with 3rd District Congressional GOP candidate Kevin Yoder. You can submit your questions in advance below.


I'd like to thank Kevin for joining us for today's live chat. We'll get started right now!

Kevin Yoder:

Thanks for having me - looking forward to the discussion!


I admired your work in the Legislature the past few years - you acted as a moderate Republican voice that was willing to work with both sides to fix our state's problems. However, in your campaign materials, you seems to be emphasizing much more right-wing views then in the past. Has your political philosophy changed?

Kevin Yoder:

I believe very strongly that our federal government is borrowing, spending and taxing too much. I believe that we have to change the philosophy and direction in which our country is heading. There are some very basic but important American ideals that are being lost: freedom, individual liberty and free enterprise. Many of the policies coming out of Washington over the past few years have grown the size of the federal budget, increased the size of the national debt and expanded the regulatory authority of federal agencies.

The result has been record deficits and staggering unemployment. The policies of bigger and more expansive government aren't working. We must return to traditional limited government and free enterprise values if we are going to restore the prosperity and potential of the United States.

As your Congressman, I'll work every day to fight for these principles and values.


What is your biggest issue with the new Health Care Law? and, if elected, do you plan to address the issue?

Kevin Yoder:

I believe that we need true bi-partisan healthcare reform that increases accessibilty, affordabilty and quality of care for every American. This is an important issue and unfortunately the new governmental takeover of healthcare will decrease the quality of care, create longer waiting lines and increase the costs of care for every American. In addition, the plan promises to make drastic cuts to Medicare. Our national debt is over $13 trillion dollars. The federal government has a horrible track-record of managing federal resources. Allowing bureaucrats and politicians in Washington to take greater control of 1/6 of the economy is going to add to the national deficit and lead to a lower quality of care for many Americans. If elected I will work to repeal and replace this flawed law with true reform that includes allowing competition to reduce costs and increase quality by allowing insurance companies to sell insurance across state lines, allowing individuals to deduct their health insurance premiums on their taxes and allowing small business owners to pool together and share risk. These ideas and many others would be the start of true healthcare reform in this country.


What is your position on "Complete Streets", and making Kansas roadways safer for bicyclists and pedestrians?


For more information on Complete Streets, users can see this link:

Kevin Yoder:

As a KU Student and Lawrence resident for 8 years, I saw firsthand the value and importance of bike lanes to our community. As KU Student Body President, I worked with student leaders to add bike racks to the front of campus busses so students would be encouraged to use bicycles and public transportation. Downtown Lawrence is a treasure and the pedestrian crossings and accessibility to all forms of transportation is important to the community and the state of Kansas.


You were supportive of LGBT rights as a Kansas legislator and have been endorsed by the Kansas Equality Coalition for that support. Will you continue to be a supporter of LGBT rights if elected to Congress? Do you support the repeal of DADT? DOMA?

Kevin Yoder:

In Kansas, marriage has been defined since 1861 as between one man and one woman and I support that law. I believe that this is a state's rights issue and I support the Federal Defense of Marriage Act.


How do you feel about the push for California to legalize the use of marijuana for adults? Would you support such an action in the state of Kansas?

Kevin Yoder:

As we've seen with the California economy and bankrupt California state government, California is not the trend setter by which we want to model our federal government. We have 9.6% unemployment in this country and small businesses and families are struggling to make ends meet. We need to focus on the task at hand: getting America back to work and balancing our federal budget. Legalizing drugs in this country is not the answer to these problems and I would oppose federal legislation that would legalize or expand drug use in the United States.


Our time with Kevin is up. I'd like to thank him for joining us today for the live chat. A big thank you to our users for submitting questions for Kevin — I'm sorry we couldn't get to all of them!

Kevin Yoder:

Thanks to your readers for submitting questions. This was fun. If you would like more information about our campaign, please go to our website at As a proud Jayhawk, I'd appreciate your vote on November 2nd!


kuhusker 7 years, 5 months ago

That was a really disappointing chat. I actually really want(ed) to vote for Yoder, because, based on his work in the Legislature, I thought he was a young, intelligent moderate voice who could work with both sides.... but his "answers" above were quite evasive.

More thoughts here:

Orwell 7 years, 5 months ago

Five questions answered in an hour? Either this was an intentional stall or the man's completely incompetent. Once again, Yoder insults the voters by dodging their legitimate questions.

Stuart Evans 7 years, 5 months ago

He absolutely dodged my question. In the real world, California will legalize marijuana in about two weeks, and will benefit from an increase in tax revenue and a decrease in the cost of enforcement. Additionally, legalization will put a huge hit on the benefits of being in a gang, thus dissolving violent crime rates. Those who oppose this include prison guard unions, prosecuting attorneys, and drug test kit suppliers.

The current model is a complete failure by any measure. This man gets no vote from me.

whatzit 7 years, 5 months ago

My question was not answered either. I want to know why there were no more debates held after they vehemently protested to there being no debates earlier in the campaign. I also wanted see if he would address the growing rumors that his "open" marriage is just to expedite his political career. His mate looks like she was assembled in a republican wife factory in Eastern Kentucky. What questions did you not get answered?

Patrick Wilbur 7 years, 5 months ago

whatzit - there was a forum held last Wed here in Lawrence. Jasmin Talbert was the only candidate who wasn't absent or 45 minutes late. She also has been direct and honest with the voters and media. If you want to vote for a candidate like this love to have ya aboard. You can chat with Jasmin Thursday at 11 here on or feel free to call or email her. She also is holding a Town Hall meeting at the East Lawrence Rec Center Thurs night at 7. So I guess what I'm saying is she likes the voters in Lawrence and is not avoiding their questions.

Patrick Wilbur Media Representative - Talbert for Congress

Jimo 7 years, 5 months ago

Wow. I count two answers - one of which was to an irrelevant question about bicycles. (Does the GOP believe in Congress getting involved in bicycling?) The remainder: just wasting everyone's time with answers to unasked questions.

One wouldn't know that Yoder had cast a vote AGAINST the amendment to ban marriage rights for same-sex couples. Query: have voters become more antagonistic toward gays since then or has Yoder altered his position to cater to the loudest voices in his party? Regardless of what you think of the issue, public moods wax and wane - do you really want a Congressman who'll dump you the moment bending in the wind will get him personal political power?

BTW - this "chat" took an entire hour to complete? Jeez, just email him the questions and let him Twitter his answers back. Better yet, just let him make up the questions.

ajmag 7 years, 5 months ago

He didn't answer my question either. I was wondering if, at the rate that he supports cutting spending on education, I could count on attending KU for the next couple of years or if, due to the lack of funding, I should pursue and education from a private institution.

Alan Tabula 7 years, 5 months ago

How is a question about bicycling and traffic safety irrelevant? Bicycling is an important aspect of our transportation system (as Mr. Yoder said), and transportation funding will be something that the next congress will be voting on.

Of course, he didn't really answer the question...

Jimo 7 years, 4 months ago

"I want repeal to the national health care bill and Kevin will support this initiative."

How's that? One of the biggest source of funds are health insurance companies who - LOVE - the mandate that everyone buy their insurance!

How's that? The endless list of components that the public says they love about health care reform? "Sorry, Suzie about your pre-existing prenatal cancer but it's curtains for you!"

How's that? You are aware that the President can veto anything passed?

Sorry, but don't come sobbing to me when Lucy pulls the football away again, Charlie Brown.

KansasTinman 7 years, 4 months ago

Wondering about Yoder's refusal to take a breathalizer test when he was arrested on K-10 for speeding.... If he's a lawmaker, shouldn't he also be a law-abider? After all "Illegal is Illegal" says his buddy KKKobach. Or id he one of THOSE type of insider lawmakers who believe they are above the law.

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