Douglas County Commission candidate David Brown to chat

October 15, 2008

This chat has already taken place. Read the transcript below.

Douglas County Commission candidate David Brown, a 2nd district Republican, will take questions from readers.


Hello and welcome to this Election 2008 chat with David Brown. I'm online editor Jonathan Kealing and I'll be your moderator. Thanks for joining us David.

David Brown:

Thanks, It's great to be here. I welcome the opportunity to answer questions from our citizens.


We have several questions already but we're still taking more. But let's go ahead and jump in with question one.


I heard you say reintegrating criminals does not work. How do you plan to deal with that growing population?

David Brown:

I believe I said it doesn't always work the first time. Several people will fail and we will have to try again. I believe in the re-entry is a way to effect our community. These efforts will make these individuals more productive as well as lifting some of the burden of crowding our jail. With State funds for individuals declining that need assistance in keeping on medication or mental health the jail is becoming the place where several are taken. Douglas County needs to take every step we can to help these people to have a better quality of life.


you said it costs 60 dollars per day to keep defendants in jail when it costs double. and you say you would maintain the level of services the county provides. once you find out the actual costs, will you cut services to get within the numbers you thought?

David Brown:

I may be wrong on certain cost of maintaining certain services we provide here in the county. My plan is to afford as many services as possible. My hope is with the mill level approved by the current commissioner will let us keep the funding for services similar to last year. This will give the commissioners time to explore ways to expand our tax base to better meet the needs of all services. I will spend the money we have wisely, while looking for new opportunities to expand the tax base with out raising taxes.


How will your law enforcement experience prepare you as a county commissioner?

David Brown:

Working for the county as a deputy sheriff as given me a insight to how our county government runs. The opportunity I have had in the last 32 years to meet people and hearing their concerns will allow me to better represent the entire county population. During my career their has been numerous times when you have to bring both sides to a compromise. This will prove beneficial in county matters. My proven leadership skills will also be a benefit.


can you tell what thellman said about not giving the kids at 4h any money and will you support the kids

David Brown:

I will not talk about her comments. It's best to ask her. However I will tell you I will support the 4H as much as I can as a county commissioner. I know there is a long range plans for more improvements to the fairgrounds. Because of the economy and until we have more money, things may be slower than hoped. I promise to do what I can for the 4H youth and the fairground will continue to impact our community as a place for meetings as other services.


Mr. Brown - do you support completion of the South Lawrence Trafficway?

David Brown:

Yes, I support the proposed 32nd route. There has been considerable amount of work on this project to assure it is the best option. The SLT is a regional project, not just local. Until the new transportation bill is done; funds will not be available. Once the funds are available it will be important to have county commissioners that support the project.


In talking with residents, what is the biggest issue you hear about and what ideas to you have about addressing it if you are elected?

David Brown:

Holding taxes down is the biggest. With the economy as it is people don't want to pay more in taxes. I will work hard to expand our tax base by looking for economic growth which will offset higher taxes. I will also assure you the money we have will be spent wisely.


One last question before we close things up for the day...


You've spoke about what we can and are doing to support the criminal and former criminal population of our county. With our county lagging behind in the salaries paid to those who work to keep our county safe. What is your plan to support law enforcement and those who work with this population?

David Brown:

It comes down to funding as most other problems the county commissioners will face. It will be up to the Sheriff to bring a proposal to the commissioners for higher salaries for his staff. I strongly support our law enforcement population, however until the economics turn around or the tax base grows it will be difficult to make any major adjustments to salaries.


That's all the questions we have today. Thanks very much David for joining us. A couple of reminders: we have two more chats this week including one with Senate candidate Marci Francisco on Thursday and one with State Board of Education candidate Carolyn Campbell on Friday. David's opponent, Nancy Thellman, will chat online at on Oct. 23. To post questions in any of our upcoming chats - or to see transcripts of past chats - log onto

David Brown:

Thanks again for the opportunity and the questions from the public. I look forward to meeting more people in the next few weeks and hearing more about issues that concern them. I would appreciate your support on November 4th.


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