Douglas County Commission candidate Jim Flory to chat

October 14, 2008

This chat has already taken place. Read the transcript below.

Jim Flory

District 3 Republican Douglas County Commission candidate Jim Flory will take questions from readers.


Welcome to our chat today with Douglas County Commission candidate Jim Flory, a Third District Republican from rural Lawrence. I'm reporter George Diepenbrock, and I will be the moderator. Feel free to send more questions. Jim, welcome back to the News Center.

Jim Flory:

Thanks for the opportunity to chat again, I look forward to hearing from some of the voters of the Third District this morning.


We have a budget question first.


would you cut the 4h funds

Jim Flory:

Having been a 4-H member many years ago, I appreciate the value of the program for our young people. The funding for the fairgrounds is an important aspect of the 4-H activities, and I would continue that funding to the level possible under future revenue. As with all programs and agencies the county funds, I would spend time evaluating the past expenditures BEFORE the budget process starts so that I could have a good working knowledge of the program or agency before we enter the time-contrained budget process.


Along those lines, how else would you approach the budget process if the revenue picture does not improve the next few years?

Jim Flory:

My goal would be to spend time with each of the county departments and agencies that receive county funding during the first few months of 2009 so that I would have a good concept of the services being provided. I generally do not favor an "across the board" cuts, because that implies that all services are of equal value and are equally essential. Hopefully, we will not need to make further cuts during the budget process next year, but if that is necessary, I want to have a thorough knowledge of the services being provided before I am required to make those difficult decisions in the budget setting process.


What do you think will be the biggest issue that could influence voters? What is the biggest issue you would like to address and how do you plan on working on it if you are elected to the commission?

Jim Flory:

During my door to door campaign I have asked the voters in the Third District what they view as the most important issue, and many have stated that completion of the South Lawrence Trafficway is high on their list. I fully support the 32nd Street alignment. Not only is it the most cost-efficient and convenient alignment, the proposed mitigation plan meets most of the concerns of the community. It actually increases the wetlands to about 200 acres, provides for a tall grass prairie area, a wetland cultural center, biking trails and hiking trails. The 32nd Street alignment also avoids crossing Haskell property (unlike the original 31st street plan) and would likely provide a greater buffer between traffic and Haskell than now exists on 31st Street. It is essential that our County Commission be supportive of this project and work with our legislative delegation to secure state and federal funding to complete the project. Absent local agreement and a unified effort, I am concerned that the state will find other projects to fund with the limited highway funds that will be available. Finally, I believe that completion of this project is an essential step to further the general economic development of Douglas County and to make the clean up and development of the Farmland site an attractive possibility to the private sector.


There was some talk during the past year by county commissioners about the need for a new public works facility and putting all of the department's offices and equipment in one location, possibly near the county jail. Do you think that's a good idea and doable anytime soon because of budget issues?

Jim Flory:

That is an issue that is worthy of discussion, but I seriously doubt that we will be in a position to expend tax dollars for a new facility in the near future. Maintaining and improving our county facilities is important, and we should always engage in long term planning. I would not, however, favor taking action on the plan until it could be accomplished without an increase in the tax levy.


With the city sales tax questions pending in November for public transit funding, do you see the county having any role in any kind of public transportation?

Jim Flory:

If the sales tax questions are rejected by the voters, I believe that the local units of government will need to consider ways to meet the transportation needs of select segments of our population that have clear and essential needs. If we can focus on those who have such clear and pressing transportation needs, e.g. the aging population and persons with disabilities, perhaps we can assist local agencies to meet those needs. Since the county commission assists with funding a number of agencies that provide services to the target populations, I believe it would be appropriate for the county to carefully consider what assistance we could provide to the impacted agencies.


Thanks for being here today, Jim. I'll give you one last opportunity to tell our readers why you have decided to run for the county commission and why you believe you would be best to represent the Third District.

Jim Flory:

Thanks again for the opportunity. I'm running for the commission because I would like to continue making a contribution to the community that I have called home my entire life. I think that I not only have a vision for the future of Douglas County, but I also have a valuable perspective of our past. I know Douglas County and the people of Douglas County, and I believe that I offer the voters an established record of effective public service and responsiveness.


GOPConservative 9 years, 7 months ago

Warning: If you want to see the SLT completed, don't vote for Flory. Flory has so much baggage that you can bet the national media will pick up on it. The last time Flory made the news, major newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal, ran stories. Local and national television affiliates also covered it. If Flory is elected, they will say that Flory's support of the 32nd Street alignment is yet another example of a racist attack on the Native Americans in Lawrence. For those who were not around, Flory resigned his elected position as District Attorney within days of his completion of a "coroner's inquest" that was obviously designed to cover-up the truth regarding the killing of a Native American in Lawrence. The media considered the inquest flawed because Flory clearly engineered the outcome. He took over the inquest from the coroner, hand picked the jury, refused to allow any witnesses (other than the ones he selected), refused to allow any cross examination and treated the parents of the victim like criminals. Even his hand-picked jury unanimously stated that they had very grave concerns. The last person we need pushing for the completion of the 32nd Street alignment across land considered sacred by Native Americans is a person who has an infamous reputation as an enemy of the Native Americans in Lawrence. Let's finish the SLT. Stiring up the Native Americans and the national media will completely stop all the progress that has been made. If you want to see the SLT completed, don't vote for Flory!For an overview of the case, read Bruce Roger's excellent article that was published in "The Pitch" if you want to see Flory's character and ethics first hand, download and read the actual transcript from the infamous inquest:

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